"go to last unread message"

  • Today it only happened on "any barestas" and had the following ads Sprint, Gerber Life, AllCraft Supplies. the other forums worked fine. The pop up I get is a compatibility error with IE

  • Hi Roberta, could you give me a bit more information on what is going on? Are you using IE? What version? What does the message say exactly? This will help our tech team solve this faster. Thank you!
  • I am using IE 9.08 the message says something about there being a compatability error with IE. I can't copy it nor type the complete message fast enough before it goes away. I don't always get it so I think it has something to do with the ads.

  • Thanks IBcash for looking into this so promptly!
  • okay the best typing speed I could do the message I'm getting is
    "a problem displaying familycorner.com caused IE to refresh page causing a comptability error"

  • Roberta; I have gotten that before also; sort of just a flash with the message and it doesn't stay on the page? Is there anyway your can copy the url at the top of the page where it appears? Not sure that would help them, but I figure the more information we can give them the quicker they may be able to locate what the problem is.

    If I get it again sometime I'll try that also. Thanks for help in trying to locate the problem!
  • So far today I've gotten it on http://www.familycorner.com/forums/p...orner-116.html

  • Is it a "flash" message that appears on the top of your screen that mentions incompatibilty with IE and then it reboots itself to reopen the page you were on?
  • No it is like a pop up at the bottom of the screen doesn't stay very long.

  • Thank you for the information. Our tech team is working on this. I'll keep you updated!