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cat lover 12-19-2015 08:51 PM

Being a single parent
What do you think is the hardest thing about being a single parent?

Miss Money Penny 12-22-2015 08:49 AM

Though I have never experienced being a single mom, I believe the lack of support would rank first and foremost, as would expenses.

I babysat (my younger years) for two single moms, and both struggled to make ends-meet. I recall one of the moms being thrifty and resourceful, while the other lived as though a steady stream of cash was at her disposal.

Additionally, transportation, particularly if the option of having a personal vehicle at ones disposal wasn't an option.

List of single mom needs (raising a baby/toddler):

- Cloth diapers/rubber pants/diaper pail
- Washing machine
- Support network (family/friends)
- The ability to be resourceful/thrifty/frugal (homemade baby food, sewing, cooking from scratch, etc)
- Having easy/close access to all amenities so as to lessen the need for transportation

HeatherJeans 02-19-2016 09:57 PM

I think the most difficult think being a single parent is to manage the kids alone, I being a single working mom, know how difficult it gets to handle the kids specially when they throw tantrums and get cranky, You are also constantly worried about developing their personality,so after thinking all the pros and cons I decided to put my son in a daycare,so that he develops his skills and interacts with other kids, knowing fully well that it will make another hole in my pocket,but surprisingly the Calling All Kids Too daycare in which I admitted is affordable and amazing!

jokir 02-20-2016 04:03 PM

I remember well the days of being a single parent. There is nobody to help out with the kids at home. You rush home from work and start your home jobs of cleaning,cooking, overseeing homework and refereeing the spats. There was seldom a time I was in the bathroom by myself.You do however become very close to your kids.Thankfully they overcame a cranky always tired momma and have become great adults with kids of their own.

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