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    I guess if comes down to if i have a boy or girl..

    THe Csection Im OK with it...i had a positive experience...
    but if i had my tubes tied and had 2 boys i feel i would always
    have this longing for a girl..the what if and the whole pretty in pink teaching her about being a good woman and shopping buddy...but in turn having a third what if that too were a boy i cant have half a dozen looking for girl thats irresponsible.
    If i were to have a girl id be more i guess at ease with the decision because there wouldnt be a reason for 3 Iknow it sounds horrible and i hate myself for thinking that way...
    but it seems everyone is it has to abe a girl and feel that if its not
    ive somehow missed out on something..problem is im starting
    to think pink too...with Ben i secretly wanted a boy and was only hoping for healthy..this time while healthy is my priority..i cant help but wish for girl...

  • I have tears in my eyes after reading your post for I am remembering what all happened before and after Ethan was born. My pregnancy had just felt different the whole time and my Mom and I were SO wanting a girl! Dresses, dollies, tea parties etc. My cousin sent me some beautiful little girl hand me down clothes from Nordstrom and Gap and the room wasn't fixed up really girly but a little more neutral. I was SURE it was a girl! And then we went in for the gender ultrasound and she said girl so of course I was double extra postive that "Emma Madison" was on her way. I packed a girlie going home outfit and had filled out all the paper work in advance with "emma's" name on it. Marked all the diaper bag items etc. with her name. As I was rolled from the room into the surgery we were all chatting about soon Emma will be here. Then the spinal block, then some pushing and shoving and then a cry! And then shocked gasps...well of course I thought there was something wrong with "her" and then the anethisiolgist leaned over the drape and said "It's a boy!" and I said "No, it's a girl" and he leaned over again and said "NO honey, it's a BOY"...I was dissappointed momentarily. We had no boy name, no boy clothes out all the paperwork was wrong but here was a beautiful little newborn baby with that pathetic little cry and of course I couldn't help but love him! It took all of about 20 minutes to know that he had touched a very special part of me. I try VERY hard not to be partial but it's clear that our oldest Nathan is daddy's boy and Ethan is mommy's boy. It isn't at all selfish or unusual to want that little girl. But you never know what the Lord will give you and what he has given will be precious to you! I will pray that it is the healthy little girl that you're dreaming of. If I can figure out how to resize my pictures to fit on here I will post a few of my boys. I have had quite a few people tell me how much easier raising boys are than girls...I don't know for sure but am awfully glad that I have mine!

  • Thanks for your honesty....
    I appreciate it
    Makes feel like Im not the only one who has ever felt this way and that its OK too...

  • Nancy,

    I didn't have C-sections with my boys, but with Adam I was hemoraging and had been since the 5th month and they could not find where I was hemorraging from. So I was on complete bed rest for the last 5 months of my pregancy.

    I too, prayed for a girl. I wanted a girl so bad I could taste it. After the problems began, all I wanted was a healthy baby and deep, way down, I kept praying for a girl. I knew that and this is the first time I have ever admitted it. I didn't get my girl, of course, we had our Adam. I would not take anything for him and would hurt the first person who hurt him...watch out Iraq I will come after you!

    Due to my age, I was 30 and the difficult pregnacy I was going to have my tubes tied...well, I chickened out. Three months later Kelly decided and we talked long and hard over this, that since I was so scared about the tubal he would get a vasectomy. He did and we have never regretted that.

    My daughter in law, who has Liam, however, did have a tubal right after she had Liam. Gerard and she had decided they only wanted one child. I, personally think it was more her than him, but that is their lives, not mine. I know in my heart my son would have loved to have had another child. Adam, who is only recently married has already said he would never have an only child unless that is all they could have.

    Nancy, I'm thinking pink for you, too, sweetie. I'm praying you will have an easy, safe pregnacy.

  • c-section 6/22/04
    I had a planned c-section on 6/22/04 (same day as my precious angel was born, of course) I had no problems with it mentally or physically. If the doctor says it is best for you then listen to them!!! My friend was set on giving birth vaginally even after her doctor said it would be difficult for her. She went into hospital the same time and day as me. I had my beautioful abby girl in 7 minutes with no complications and she was in labor for 22 hours then had to have an emergency c-section! I don't know why people insist on going vaginal even after docs say it will be hard on mother and child.

    I would do it again without a fight. I had no issues after except it was a little hard to walk for a couple of days but I got over that. WALK AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!!!!!! You will heal faster.

    The only issue I have had is teh back pain from the epideral which I would have had either way.