Im turning into an insomniac at night!

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  • I cant believe it....all of a sudden I cannot sleep at night! I cant find a comfortable position to lay in on the bed and when the clock hits midnight, Im wide awake! UGH!

    I know that I am a night owl by nature but it is starting to create havoc on with my family since DH works the midnight shift and needs to sleep during the day. Not to mention that I have a 5 yr. old at home.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any suggestions on how to get back to normal? I am normally up until 12:30-1:00am but this is ridiculous....were talking 3:00-4:00 am now!

    I love this site but Id rather be here with the sun shining on me instead of the moon ! ;-)
  • Hello!

    I had insomnia all through my first pregnancy and all through this pregnancy. My only glimmer of hope (and this may or may not help you, depending upon your ethics) is that I have had a cold for 5 weeks. Of the recommended decongestants out there, Benadryl was one of them (usually for allergies, but it causes drowsiness). This has actually helped me a lot. I take it at night, and stick with Sudafed during the day.

    Outside of that, I'd say your body is training to stay up at night for the baby. Sorry, I am not much help.

  • ajarsmom.... I eat a bowl of cereal before I go to bed sleep like a log. Might put on a couple extra pounds. I have been sticking to the Kashi puffed 7 grains & sesame only 70 calories in a cup. Think the milk helps to put you to sleep. Hope it works.


  • Hi Jen Hate to say it but Im glad to hear that someone understands how I feel. Sorry to hear about your cold. I went through my first cold about a month ago and now I feel like Im getting it again--probably from not sleeping. I hate to take any meds if I dont have to but believe me, if I get this cold again I wont hesistate to take something!

    When is your due date? Do you know if youre having a boy or girl? I cant wait to find out but Im only 12 1/2 weeks so I have a while. This is the way I look at it....since I am so early into yet, my body has a while to learn to stay up ...I need to sleep! LOL!!

    Hi Sueanne I think I will take your suggestion and try some cereal tonight---any excuse to eat LOL!! I had terrible morning and night sickness with my son but with this pregnancy, nothing makes me sick!! ( except green peppers give me horrible heartburn) Im eating everything in sight. Ill let you know if it helps. Thanks!!

  • Hi, Tami!

    I am due January 6th. I am 34 weeks pregnant!

    Yeah, I agree, at 12 1/2 weeks, I would be more cautious, FOR SURE, about any cold medicine! It's horrible to be sick and pregnant!

    I am SO sorry that I have no suggestions for you! Hopefully, the cereal will help! That would be great!

  • Hi Arjsmom,

    Sorry that you are experiencing insomina with your pregnancy...check out with your Dr. or OBGYN about taking any OTC meds....Benedryl is usually a good choice but with being pregnant you want to make sure about the cross over problems with regards to your baby.

    I had the opposite problem...I was always wanting to sleep! I think I slept up to 2 weeks before my son's birth. I was always so tired! I used to get upset about it till my sister said, "Hey, today you are building a hand." and when I complained again she would tell me what baby part I was building now....sounds silly but it made me feel like I was DOING SOMETHING! lol

    I would try warm milk, a boring book, or try to listen to instrumental music, very low while trying to settle down for the night.

    I will be thinking of you and I will tell the sandman you need an extra sprinkle of sand! lol

  • Jen- I didnt realize that you were so far along. You are about to receive a present from Santa! LOL!! Good Luck to you !!

    Janet- If you happen to run into the sandman, please tell him that I could use a bucket of sand!!

    Something did the trick last night and I slept pretty good for the first time in a long time. Lets see.... I ate a bowl of cereal, took a warm shower before bed and then dropped in bed due to exhaustion.....dont know which one worked but Ill take it! ;-)
  • Hi Tami.... Hope the cereal works for you tonight. I have it every night & don't remember even hitting the pillow. I add some flaxseed too for regularity but that only works for me. Let us know how you make out.
  • Great, Tami! I am so happy you slept!
  • Ajrsmom, I will change your order for the sandman....1 bucket for you every night. lol

    Glad you were able to get some sleep. Maybe the cycle is broken now and hopefully you will get some more restful sleep!