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ratpack 07-16-2003 05:37 PM

What to expect from Daisies?
I am looking into letting my DD do Daisies. I know the scout troop leaders come around at the beginning of the school year. Being in Kindergarten, what can I expect? Weekly meetings? How long? Tasks to complete? etc. I was a Brownie and GS for a couple years, but have totally forgotten what we really did other than crafts and tasks for the badges.
I know that it would be really great for her, but with starting Kindergarten and wanting to play soccer and gymnastics....Daisies too????
Any advice? :confused:

phoenixnraven 08-21-2003 07:29 AM

I was a Daisy leader and now my troop are 2nd year brownies! My how time flies! Anyway, as for frequency of meetings, that is up to the leader and co leader and is ususally scheduled around their schedules.
Our troop met every other week for an hour and we were rushed it seemed to get stuff done. They work on their Daisy petals which is the beginning to help them learn the GS law and what it this age they learn the GS promise and THAT is an accomplishment. At teh beginning they should have an investiture..WELCOME TO GS! and at the end of teh year they will Bridge to Brownie GS. They will go on nearby trips or maybe attend family events and best of all they will meet new friends! Being in Kindergarten they may bot know other kids from other classrooms AM/PM so this is pretty neat and they will also know more friends when they start up in First Grade :-:
My dd wanted to do lots of stuff too but I told her first that if she can handle School and one other activity ( no need to over burden them with expectations) and their lives shouldn't be about running from one place to another. She was involved in GS, gymnastics, and tried soccer (indoor) and found she didn't like the soccer. Now she does GS and gymnastics. I feel that GS teaches them so much. How to get along with others, how to think of others and they learn about many diffrent aspects of life that will last them long after school is completed. Sorry to ramble. email me at [email protected] if you want to talk more. :D

Katiebug99 08-28-2003 07:51 AM

Hi. I am a second year brownie co-leader. My daughter started out in kindergarten as a daisy scout. It was a nice intro to girl scouts. They had 1 hour meetings twice a month. During the meetings they worked on earning their petals. ( At the end of the year they have all their petals and it makes a daisy on their smock. They worked on acivities during the meeting, but had little to do outside of meetings. The daisy scouts do not sell girl scout cookies or do any fundraisers which is kind of nice.
I think it is a good program for the girls and lets them decide if girl scouts is something that they enjoy. Of course a lot of it depends on your troop leader and how much they put into the troop.
I can tell you that now that my daughter is in 2nd grade, she knows a lot more girls than she would have without girl scouts. It was nice looking at her class list this year, because she knew several girls in her class.

Good luck scouting

ratpack 08-28-2003 02:07 PM

I am really excited to try it. The representatives will visit the classes next week and then we go to the first meeting at a church somewhere. DD is so crafty that she will love doing things like that. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout and if anything it teaches you compassion and concern, and survival skills. So, we are going to try it. I just have the feeling that I will also become a leader or co-leader. I am so swamped with other leader roles that I don't want to be overwhelmed. But... God knows what I am capable of...this just might be what I need to do too.
Thanks for you advice!!! Melony

kasparcat 09-07-2003 02:15 PM

We did Girl Scouts all the way through and my daughter adored it. So many different activities. When she finished Cadettes and I stopped being leader, SHE became a Brownie co-leader, herself.

I believe that GS is a part of what made her the lovely young woman she is today. She got married in April and 2 of her bridesmaids were girls she met in Scouts, and we all pitched in to do the most lovely hand-crafted decorations and centerpieces to go with the oriental theme of her wedding. The skills she got from GS included handicrafts, how to plan and pull off an "event," and the manners it takes to graciously do so. You can see the
Wedding pix at:

If I had it to do over again, I'd encourage her to join GS.


coastiewife 09-07-2003 02:37 PM

Your daughter will love daisies!! A great stepping stone for girl scouting. I was a daisy leader for 3 years in Kodiak alaska. I started out as a leader in brownie/daisy troop in Maine. Though my own girls are older - thought this was a great place to start leading. esp. as a daisy leader with no sales - a lot less paperwork!! Have Fun!! those petals are fun to do!! :heart:
:daisy: :daisy: :daisy: :stripes: :-: (^)

hugs and YIGGGS!! (Yours in girl guide girl scouting)

ps a great yahoo group is guiding on the go

Cindy H.

bar_bar 09-07-2003 10:41 PM

hello, I am a grandmother with a gdaughter that is loooking into the Daisy program. My daughter took her last week to the first meeting, I was surprized to see theyhad a program for PK, do they do the same thing as a K student?

Saw this site and thought I would come over and see what is going on over here and see if I could get some inside information on daisy.

Susan B 09-08-2003 06:54 AM

Daisy scouts
My daughter is also in kindergarten this year. I asked my sister, who has been a Daisy and Brownie leader, how important the Daisy program is, as I also was worried about overscheduling my daughter. She indicated that the Brownies get a special patch or something if they were a Daisy. The girls who weren't often ask repeatedly if they can go back and do the material so they can get the patch (all through the 3 years of Brownies, apparently). She strongly suggested that if our daughter is going to do any scouting at all she start in kindergarten. Hope this helps.

Robin whittington 09-08-2003 09:25 AM

:daisy: Hi,

My daughter is a second year JR this year. She has been in since being a Daisy.
Our meetings were every other week for an hour and a half.
They did arts and crafts, went to the Librbary, worked on Community projects, all kinds of stuff.
Scouting is a wonderful thing especailly if you have a good leader.
I say this because one year we had a bit of a problem.
We had a good leader, she was a very nice person but she was
very much overweight and becasue of this her health was an issue. We never went on outtings and the girls meetings all consited of just crafts and songs. Things they could sit down and do. Many of the girls quit. They thought all scouting was like this.
What was worse was that my daughter went to school with several other girls from another group. They were going hiking, to the movies, natural science center, sleep overs... and they would tell her all about what fun they had... she was very disappointed.
The next year we signed up but requested another troop.
I felt badly for the women but wanted my daughter to get more out of scouting like I had. I'ts a good choice! Go for it and hang in there!
Robin in NC

bar_bar 09-08-2003 04:02 PM

Thanks for the information, but I am still wondering, if the child starts in PK will she stay as A DAISY even and do the same things over when she goes into K? For if she does then why start out in the PK and not wait til K? thanks.

I was involved with the boy scouting, and I know these two programs are totally different, so now Igot to learn about this program as if I can be involved as a grandmother I would love to help my daughter out, and since she has 2 other kids, she could need that extra help. Plus I know my gd would love for me to be involved as well.

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