What to expect from Daisies?

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  • Daisy
    To bar bar you my want to check and see if she is old engough for the Daisy I think there is an age limit my daughter started this year and she in KG and all the other girls are from her class. The Browines are all the old Daisy from last yr group . That is what we were told at the meeting. They actual song the Daisy song the learned. So I hope this helps? So you can help out in any way they need leaders, coleader, and alot of helping hands are group is got 15 5yr . Good Luck!
  • In North Carolina to the best of my knowledge the age is 6 and/or in Kindergarten to be a Daisy. Brownies are in 1st and 2nd grade.
  • The age is 5 or in kindergarten. to my knowledge there is not a younger group.

  • Well last night was open house at the school, which I went to with gd to see thier rooms and I did find out that Daisy started with age 4. so she is in.

    Now d will be one that will help dec a float to be in a parade, anyone have a clue on ideas to do for a float for the Daisy Prog.
    if so please submit where I can give it to her and another lady that will be in charge of coming up with ideas.

    so HELP please.
  • What am I thinking????
    I did it...knew that I would... I am a sucker for things like this!! I signed up to be the leader of my dd's troop. So, I am going to the training next week and doing some on line training this weekend. I am going to limit it to 8 girls for a while, then see what I have gotten myself into. I was so overwhelmed as it was, but I can't let her go without a leader and they are so much in need right now. So, keep your ideas coming and hopefully, I will make it through this year.
  • ratpack a cute name, I got into cub scouts for the same reasons yrs ago. now going to be involved with gdaughter in Daisy.

    today we went to the coucil office to look at the store.... my daug is already looking forward when her daugh will be old enought to do the big stuff and I said don't rush it, take it one step at a time, enjoy the small stuff..... or you will miss out, did find out that this 4 yr old program is not in all council and for most does girls does start out when in K, but this is sort of a trail to see how it will work.... I said oh I remember when they did this in cub scouting....

    we got gdaughter her blue apron or whatever you might call it and the cap..... she is so exceited about being a Daisy, at first she didnt want to belong for her sister who is 3 couldn't belong for she thought she needed her and d and self talked her into joining.

    I am busy thinking of ideas for swaps for thier hats.... any more ideas on this would be helpful to.... for I had tons of ideas for cubscouting and many I can use here with Daisy....
  • new girl scout leader
    Well, you've volunteered!! Congratulaions!! My friend and I started a new troop this year,also. We have a troop of both daisies and juniors meeting together once a week for about an hour. We've had four meetings so far, and everything's working out great! We all meet together for our opening, separate for our activity, and combine for our closing. I hope you have lots of fun! The girls will probably teach you as much as you teach them.
  • Barbara, how's it going with your gdaughter's Daisy troop?

    My DD is a second year brownie now. She loved Daisies. She worked hard to get all her flower petals

    I'm surprised they took 4-year-olds...usually the Daisies have to be kindergarten-age.