Brownie emblem needed quickly!

  • My daughter's Brownie troop is having a crossover dinner for their families at the end of May. I would like to make brownies with the Brownie emblem on the top for their dessert. Does anyone know where or how I can get a copy of the emblem that will fit an 8x8 or 9x13 baking pan?
  • Go to this site and see if you can copy and paste the emblem you need then enlarge.

  • Have you tried your local Girl Scout Counsel Shop?

  • Hi. Take a picture of the emblem on her uniform and have it enlarged to the size you want. Go to cake dec. shop and get a piece of rice paper and trace the pattern on the rice paper and fill in design with icing or jel. But the easist way is to cut out the pic and wrap it in pastic wrap or have the photo laminated and just put it on the cake. Hope this helps.
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    Have you thought about going to one of those places and have the image transfered into an edible image? I do believe those places are willing to help out. Just a thought. If you have the right size, then any bakery in your phone book should be most willing to help out.
  • Check your local cake decorating store (if you have one) or online if you don't for candy molds. They have them in various sizes for cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, military insignia, etc. Makes a nice design for a dessert, plus we've even used them to make plaster castings.

    Another option is to download the image you want and cut a paper stencil. Then lay it smoothly on top of your cake/brownie and springly generously with powdered sugar.