• If there are any leaders out there who have done this I could use some advice. At our next meeting, we are going to do activities related to day camp. We are hoping to get the girls excited about it early since registration for us is in March this year. My co-leader suggested making sit-upons at that meeting. I like the idea of having these for camp except that we are talking 1st graders. Is this too difficult of an idea for them?? I would appreciate any suggestions, our meeting is on 2/5.
  • sit upons
    HI! When i had my scout group, we made sit upons with wallpaper pages. You can get outdated wallpaper books from any store that sells wallpaper. Cut two pages the same size, hold pages together and punch holes all the way around. With yarn, lace around three sides. Then place folded newspapers inside (as many as will fit.....actually, quite a few!) Continue to finish lacing and tie off. have the girls put their names on with permanent marker. their friends could sign around their names. Have fun! sh
  • It has been many years ago, but when i was a leader, we got plastic, lined stuff you use for picnic tables at the fabric store (or you could buy a cheap picnic tablecloth (lined) and cut it up). We pre-punched holes for the girls and you can use plastic lanyard, or thicker cording. The girls just lace the holes together, leaving one side open to stuff with newspapers for "cushion". Then close it up and leave extra to loop for a carrying handle or connect to next corner for handle. My girls are now 21, 19, 17..... and they still have theirs ! They hold up really well. It may cost a little more to get the good stuff, but it is well worth not having to make them again because they wear out. Enjoy, I miss those fun times.
  • we made our sit-upons out of flanel backed vinal tablecloths from local discount store. pre punched holes and let kids "sew" together with yarn and large bobbie pins as needles. we stuffed ours with pillow stuffing because the girls are required to carry their own things, and our camp is a long walk in, so weight was a factor.

    another idea from another troop (and great for leaders)was to get used icing buckets from local grocery store bakery with lids,
    use these to put all gear in (sit-upon, clothes, gear ect...)
    then can use buckets to sit on with sit-upon for cushion.
    this comes in handy in wet weather (keeps things in bucket dry)
  • Last year before we went camping we went to a local discount store and bought just regular foam seat pads. They cost about $1.50. They were perfect because they were already cut out and ready to be decorated. We took vynal flannel backed tablecloth that each girl was responsible for bringing so that they could have their very own special design on it, and cut it larger than the seat cushion, then took an ice pick and punched holes all around it. Then we took large upholstery needles(that way the girls could thread their own needle, you can buy them at a cheap discount store for $1.00 a pack variety) and threaded them with yarn (not cotton yarn) and they sewed them up. It was really a fun project. If they really wanted to get fancy with them, we gave them the option of taking fabric glue and gluing some lace around the edges to add a little personality to their sit-upon. The girls really enjoyed doing that. Hope this helps!
  • I just made sit-upons with my first grade Brownies in September. I purchased vinyl tablecloth fabirc at Wal-Mart and JoAnn Fabrics. I cut the fabric twice the width of a section of newspaper, folded it in half, and punched hole around three sides. The girls then sewed them together with rug yarn (up and down stitches). They sewes two sides, stuffed it with flat newspapers, and then sewed the third side. The sewing took up most of a one-hour meeting (I have 20 girls).
  • Heavy Duty Sit-upons
    We make a special sit upon using large tubs from grocery stores (they receive their salads in them for their delis). We have the girls decorate the outside of it with stickers or podge cut out pieces of material or wrapping paper. Then the leaders glue a cushion on the lid.

    This sit upon keeps them off the ground and also doubles as a carry all for their stuff that they need to bring to meetings such as program books, inside shoes, etc.

    P.S. They even work in the snow when we're having winter camps up here in Canada!
  • Thanks, all!
    Well, we started our sit-upons at last weeks meeting. I bought cheap tablecloths from Wal-Mart and cut them to the size needed. And used plastic lanyard for the sewing. The only construction problem that I had was my hole punch wouldn't punch through the material. So I bought the largest needles I could find (for plastic canvas) and had the girls use that. For the most part , it went okay. Some girls complained that it was hard (my co-leader agreeing out loud with them didn't help). But I will tell you that it was the most quiet meeting that we have ever had. The girls were all concentrating so hard while working on this. That was nice.

    Another plus: my daughter told me she loves sewing and wants me to teach her how to do it on regular material.

    Thank you for all the suggestions. It's nice to know that I have a place to come for some really great suggestions.

  • Wow Carrie, sounds like you had a great meeting! And congrats on discovering your daughter's desire to sew. That should be fun for the two of you!