Youngest wants to join GS

  • My youngest dd wants to join GS this coming year and I am kinda scared about it. My oldest dd has been in GS with the same troop since brownies, she is just finishing her 3rd year of juniors. When she started GS it was because one of my good friends was the troop leader. The second year another mother took over due to she did not do much with the girls. The girls now have lots of fun and do alot for the community. We moved out of the district but have kept her with the same troop. I have heard that the troops in the district that we are in do not really do alot. And thats what scares me about it. She has attended meetings with her older sister when needed due to their father having to work late. I go to each meeting with oldest dd. Most of the mothers do. We are all very involved in the meetings and the girls. I want my youngest to have the great experiance that my oldest is having. I know what GS was to me, I know what they are to my oldest, and I know what I want them to be for my youngest. I don't know if I should just go ahead and sign her up for them and see how it goes or try and push her into a different direction. I have contacted the council and they do not have enough girls to start another troop in our area so that is out of the qestion.

    I will attend all meetings with her as I do with my oldest.
  • Any chance that you can become a leader in your younger daughter's troop and encourage the other leaders to do more activities?
  • If you cannot become a leader or co-leader as Barbszy has suggested is there any way the current leaders are open to suggestions? I know here we are a large council and some troops do not do very much and others do a whole lot. However, in talking with some of the leaders they are not aware of all there is to do or how to go about doing it.
  • If the GS aren't doing much, check into Camp Fire.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. My sil just mentioned to me that she is going to be a leader in the district that we moved out of and I am going to put dd in that troop. This way I know my suggestions will be heard and that dd will love it with her cousin in the same troop
  • She will enjoy being with her aunt and cousin. My dd goes with her aunt and cousin's troop at times too along with ours.
  • MY DD1 will be switching GS troops this year. She will be changing schools and the troop she was in was school based but not active at all which is why we are switching.

    I spoke with 2 of the 3 other troop leaders for her age in our area and interviewed them on what they do, day & time of the meetings, etc. and choose the leader that I liked. They have two meetings a month plus activites where we were lucky to even meet once a month before.

    DD1 even went to camp with the new leader as her old troop leader didn't call me back for three days (the night before camp) on what the car pool arrangements were.