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  • penpals
    Sorry its been a while, I've been a bit busy. I keep 4 girls durring the week and had 2 all week VBS. Glad things slowed a bit this week!

    We have girls ages 6 through 12. My girls I have durring the week are 7, 10, 10, & 12. My daughter's toop just had their last meeting, but she is willing to call them and see if they want to have a penpal.

    Do any of you GS leaders do a "Badge NIght"? Once a month My daughter and her helper host an overnight at the sponcer Church. The girls learn to cook their dinner, cleanup, do what they need for several badges many of which take several things to acomplish. I know they had several guest speakers, like a nurse on health and hygiene, and a policewoman for safety. They do crafts, etc. They get up at 6a.m. and cook their breakfast and cleanup finish up and leave before 10a.m. There is parent participation also, and this was their 1st. year as leaders. She planned what badges and how and what they needed to acomplish to earn the badges and divided it up to fit the schedule. Really worked out well and the parents were impressed with the amount of badges the girls earned and the amount of things they learned. I was told by some of the Moms that Gwen (my daughter) was the best leader they've had. Made my day and I passed it along to her!
  • Vrsherren - Glad you are getting a little rest.

    The troop I co-lead are only going into the second grade and they earn try-its. We have had a nurse speak and completed a health unit. We also had a policewoman speak to them.

    I believe the Junior Girl Scouts and older earn the badges. We have not had the girls spend the night and I really have not heard of it from our older girls. Will have to ask my SIL if they have done it. That is a very good idea to do it at the sponser church. I know some of our girls did this the night they stayed at summer camp and we as a group can use the camp and be responsible for all of it. Your daughter does sound like an excellent leader. Kudos to her!!!
  • Badge Nites
    I don't know if anyone else ever thought about having a badge night or not. The Memphis GS Council thought it was a wonderful idea. Not only would the girls earn badges or try-its, but it makes a troop of girls into best friends. She wanted her girls to do as much as they could. She had the jrs. but the Daisies / Brownies earned try-it patches for their parts. Just the jrs stayed overnite though.

  • i am just wondering what the post card swap is about for the brownies and how i could start and do it for my troop this year? they are first year brownies in the first grade. are they too young?

    looking for any other ideas too. i am new at being a leader.

  • Are children ever too young to learn? I think it would be a great idea for Brownies to to exchange postcards. You should address the postcards or use labels you print on the computer. The girls should only write a couple of sentences, if that. Something like "My name is _______ and I'm in Troop #____. Sending you a Brownie Greeting. Something shorter, but not longer. We have had the girls send the postcards first in c/o the leader and then to the girls for safty reasons. Some troops send all corspondence through the leaders the whole time so they can keep up with it.

    My DD#1 is a troop leader and came up with "Badge Nights". She looked up all the badges the girls could earn and set up a schedule of activities where the girls could earn tryits, and badges. 1st. grade may not be old enough to stay on an overnighter, but could make the Badge Night a couple of hours to earn the tryits. For example the girls cooked dinner after a nutrional nurse came in and gave a talk on smart choices in foods. The girls picked out what they thought would be a good and healthy dinner and cooked it. Yes, it was simple, but even snapping green beans teaches something!
    I'm very proud of the way she makes it fun for her Jr.s and the Brownies. This year she will have help and there will be Daisys, Brownies and Jr.s Troops. She just had a baby boy 7/24 so now she will really have her hands full!

  • thanks for the tips!! my co leader and i will probably try out post cards and see about a badge nite to earn a try it!!


  • Great! Let me know if you'd like to exchange with my DD's troop, and I'll arrange it!

  • njmomof2 - vrsherron did a good job of postcarding. You might even want to let them put where they live ie, I live in Camden, New Jersey. Looking thru the try-it book there is not a post card one or to qualify for any try-it. I am going to check on the badges. Our troop is going into the second grade and would be happy to trade with you too.
  • :strpeis:

    thanks . that sounds good. we are in egg harbor twp.

    talk to you later.

  • Its not a tryit for postcards, its the penpal tryit, or badge. The postcards are because it makes it more interesting for the girls and will get them to keep writting. The girls are more willing to write if they don't have to compose a whole letter, and a postcard has just the right small space to write a couple sentences and thats all.