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  • Anyone else a den leader?
  • Cubs
    Hi ya Amanda,
    My husband is a cub leader, I have 2 sons in cubs and one in beavers. LOL I tried to be a beaver leader last year but this year I am JUST a parent helper. Beavers are boys between the ages of 5 and 8 and I just couldn't handle 20 of them LOL
    Hats off to all Scout leaders
    Ciao for now,
  • Wolf Cub
    Hi, I'm not a den leader. Just a mom with an 8 yr. old new scout. I was hoping for advice on where to start looking for info. on the Pinewood Derby cars. The den mother gave him a box with a block of wood,4 nails and 4plastic wheels inside and said the Derby will be in February. Yikes ! What do we do ?
  • pinewood derby
    Hi Karen! Our Pinewood Derby was just this last weekend. One of the boys in my den was the winner, i was so proud!

    Here are a few links to get you started, hope they help!

    Pinewood Derby Reference Materials

    Jay's Pinewood Derby Page

    Pinewood Derby - Adventure in Design

    How To Improve A Pinewood Derby Racing Car
  • Thankyou Amanda. The links were wonderful. I'm sure we have the info we need to get started.
  • Great! Don't forget to come back and tell us how it went!
  • I'm A Wolf Den Leader
    I'm the Wolf Den Leader now of my pack. I've been a helper since my 11 year old joined wolfs a few years ago but just recently took the pludge to take the training and become a leader. After there leader quit. My son Michael is a wolf cub. I have 5 boys in all counting him. We are having such a ball earning our arrow points and wolf badges. I try to help the boys earn aleast 2 to 3 arrow points a month. The theme of this month is Native Amercans. We made a talking stick this last tues. The coming tues we are going to make cupid darts for valentines. then the following week drums. I done warn the parents to get them some ear plugs )
  • Pinewood Derby
    Thankyou for all the help. We were not one of the winners but we had a wonderful time and learned a lot. Looking forward to next year's Derby !
  • ;-) Hello everyone. We had our pinewood derby last tuesday. Michael (my 7 yr.old) road hog the looked like a pick up truck. Came in 2nd in the wolf pack for speed. 5 th place in the den for speed. It got 3rd place for design in the den. It gets to go to district in design.

    My other son Jacob got 3rd place in speed in his pack. We all had a ball even if we did have one kid and thier parent upset they did not win this year like always. But Thats another srory of it self. Which I share if any one want to hear.

    My wolf cub Justin placed 3rd. in speed so I have 2 of my boys in the district.

    Mom and Wolf leader howeling with pride
  • An excellent site for scout info, cubs, boy and even some girl scout stuff is You can download books of songs, skits, games, pow wows, etc