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  • If you have no other leader, how do you do the "2 deep" rule? Let those parents know that they HAVE to help out!
  • Our pack is mostly comprised of Mom's, as many of the Dad's are at work. Many of the mom's have to bring their other children. Sure, there are some moms who always stay, so at least my other 2 are kept busy....but the 2 deep rule is basically non exsistant in my den. I do all of the planning and honestly, it is just A LOT! I do not feel a connection to this job, but my son loves it. So, I am going forward, but still searching for another leader to take over. My other children are suffering a bit b/c I cannont participate in their activities, as I know my limits.

    Again, if anyone has any play ideas or skit ideas (something pre written) please let me know.

  • Hi everyone!

    I haven't posted in a while because I have been so busy doing scout stuff. Our pack calendar was full for the month of October!

    Went to Cub 'n Partner campout 2 weekends ago and had a blast. Our pack had 17 families there. We did all kinds of outdoor cooking. We made grilled cheese sandwiches on our tin can stoves, dutch oven cobbler, hobo dinners in the fire, baked brownies in a cardboard box, and made omletes in ziplock bags. The boys earned lots of beltloops. After a huge campfire program Sat. night we got up Sun. morning and had a worship service at the outdoor chapel on the lake. It was a beautiful ceremony and the scenery was breathtaking. Fall colors at their peak. After that we went on a 2 mile hike broke camp and headed for home. A 2.5 hour drive. I was exhausted!

    Last weekend was our Cubmobile Race. It started at 7:30 am and ended at 12:30 pm. There were some really neat cars. Our pack won third place. The boys had a ball. They really love racing those cars.

    Pack meeting was tonight. Had lots of awards to give out and my den put on a magic trick show. They did a great job.

    Musicmom.....I don't know of any Thanksgiving plays or skits but if I run across anything I'll let you know.

    Happpy Scouting!

  • Kellygirl, it sounds like you and your Scouts are having a blast!
  • Quote:
    but the 2 deep rule is basically non exsistant in my den
    see if you can get a den cheif as that would be a help to you and cover your 2 deep.. another way is if you have another den that has this same problem, then combine them for games, events, projects and then mark in thier book and work together as a team.

    another way would meet in the same room but in two groups to keep their group apart.

    Wolf and Bears can work together pretty well.

    bear and 1st year webelos can too.

    Thanksgiving skits...
    when do you need them by? and how many are in the group?
    I will look into my Pow wow books and see what I can come up with as soon as I hear from you on when it is how many boys you have.

    Cub 'n Partner campout sounds like a fun and eventful campout.
    how many went?
  • bar_bar,

    Our Cub 'N Partner camping is an annual event. Every weekend in October is dedicated to it. Our council has a 2600 acre scout reservation. Each weekend is limited to 175 cub 'n partners and every weekend was filled up! So I guess there were 350 people there when we went. Wow!! That's a lot.

    Each district is responsible for running some of the activities so the boys will have lots of opportunities to earn beltloops and progress toward ranks. We have BB, archery, geology, hiking, music, and soccer just to name a few.

    It is lots of fun!

  • Thought I would share a website that offers a great opportunity for a fun and easy service project for cub scouts. I did this last year with my wolf den. I think it would be good for tigers too. It is a good project for the "holiday months" when everyone is so busy. You can do it in your den and just drop them in the mail. The boys like the idea of brightening someones day with their artwork!! I printed off some of the thank you's from the site and read them to the boys to let them know how much their artwork meant to the recipients!

    Happy Scouting!

  • Oh I remember back when the cubs in our council was going to be able to do family camping... In fact I was in charge of the event... Our D. E. didn't think that many would show up. LOL
    they did. I knew they would... We had over 400 folks that turned up... boy I can tell you all kinds of stories on that event..

    One is posted in the "What is Your Most Embarrassing Moment? "
    located at:

    We had so much fun that weekend... I would have to look on my patch to see when that was. My memory is going from time to time.

    I do miss scouting at times. but I wore so many hats that I'm also glad it behind me. yet I treasure my memories and when ever I can help out I don't mind...... and thankful....
  • OK Cubscout Leaders, where is everyone?

    I know your busy. Lots of stuff coming up. Pinewood derby, Blue & Gold. Our pack has been very busy. I would love to hear what everyone is doing and share some ideas.

    We have a Christmas parade coming up in a few weeks and a lock-in at our church where we work on Pinewood Derby cars.

    What is your pack up to?

    Love to hear about it!

  • HI Gals

    In our pack we been to a radio station, a few of us went to spend the night on the USSYorktown Aircraft carrier.. It was 3 boys my son Michael, Buddy and Joel and his Dad. I was to leader deep.. I'm the trained leader but then I had a parent along. We had a blast I do it again. Saw the dolphins and a baby one too. We also went to the fish musem.

    Our bike rodeo went good to in Oct. The kids really enjoyed themself..

    Dec. we have the christmas caroling then our party we be done til next year. My webelo's are working on God & Famliy were 1/2 d0ne finish up in Jan.

    That about it.. Hope everyone having a wonderful hoilday's and good feasting.