What to do when your guests are "picky eaters"

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  • Maybe I misunderstood, but I thought that you said this was a GUEST. When I have guests over, I try to treat them special. I try to serve them what they like and make sure there is stuff that they like to drink. You have invited this person over. It was your choice to spend time with them. If you know that this person is picky and you still invite them to your house for food, I think you need to accomodate them with food that they like.

    If this person is family then don't feel obligated to make something special. If this person just stops by then don't feel obligated to make something special. But if you invite them, then its your choice and you should adjust.

    This is just my opinion.

  • I completely understand what you say....
    This is a family member and a child. I want to be hospitable but at the same time I don't want to adjust the menu for my other 20+ guests to fit one person's food eccentricities. And I don't feel like I should have to. Once a child is in school I feel like he should be polite enough to say no thank you to something he doesn't like. I have made sure that there will be appetizers there that the child eats and none of the other menu is so out of the mainstream that there should be a problem--but I've seen him eat in the past and there are so few things he'll eat...all junk food....
  • Then I'd say that you've done what you could and that's all you can do. If he is hungry, then he will eat. If he doesn't eat, then he is not really hungry. Don't worry about it, this is his problem. Have yourself a great Thanksgiving.

  • As the long time hostess for both my husband and my family's get togethers I will "post" the menu about 2 weeks before the holiday. I take into consideration health requests and on-going diets of my guests. If someone has other concerns from what is posted I will try to comply or ask them to bring a dish to contribute.
    As to small children, let the parent be your guide. I offer chicken fingers / hot dogs in small quanities and don't make a fuss. If it gets eaten, fine. If not, the dog enjoys the chicken (along with whatever the guest slip him during the day!!!).
    Most of the parents bring juice/ munchies for the kids because they know the gameplan ahead of time. I don't cater to brand names and if they don't like that (they know ahead of time!!) they can go without.
    This is also your party to enjoy as well. Try not to stress and have fun. That is the whole part of the day. They will not starve for one meal.
    Happy Holidays!!
  • Barb,

    Please don't make yourself nuts about this! Surely, a phonecall to the mom, should put the qestion to rest... Let her know you've been thinking about the menu, and you want to make sure "Billy" will be well fed. You're serving XYZ.. and is there anything she can" think of bringing that you could add to the table that would make him happier..because you'd hate to see hime go hungry!" ~despite the feast you're laying out!

    My ki9ds are both lactose intolerant, and my family would always buy the lactose-free milk when they remembered .. (That was hard to transport) but the chicken or the hot dog or the PBJ.. I brought that in a little cooler... I would NEVER expect anyone to cook another meal for my finicly little kid...!

    That's my 2 cents...

    Happy Thanksgiving