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Caronamy 07-05-2006 08:01 AM

Frozen Cookie Recipes
I really don't know where to put this..

My son Greg (promising photographer) has graduated and his party is in August.

I wanted to make a variety of cookies ahead of time and freeze them. I know Chocolate Chip cookies do well frozen. I really haven't frozen any others - they never last that long.

Anyone freeze them in advance? I wanted to make some lemon ones with lemon icing, but don't know how the icing would fair being frozen then thawed...the same with the cookies with a hershey's kiss in them,

Please share your favorite cookie recipe that you have frozen for approx 6 weeks.....

TIA Caron

ofan1967 07-12-2006 01:10 PM

I have my extra Christmas cookies in the freezer right now. Yes the ones with Hershey kisses too and they will be fine. I have frozen the cookie dough too and thawed it out to do the ones for Christmas and there wasn't any that didn't work. As for the ones with frosting, I'm not sure but dont see why they wont. None of mine have frosting. My sugar cookies are painted and they are fine.

ofan1967 07-12-2006 01:13 PM

I'm sorry I didn't list the cookies that I have frozen. Lets see I have chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, Hershey kisses, spritz, oatmeal raisin, and gingerbread. The others didn't last that long to get frozen. lol

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