• I have a pedometer, and it can really be motivating if you remember to use it, because it encourages any kind of exercise (like taking out the trash )
    Mine is just a cheapo from WalMart, it cost me around $5.00 and is totally worth it. (the ones from McDonalds are REALLY inaccurate)

    Does anybody have any good pedometer tips for me? Or a type of pedometer that you happen to love?
  • May I ask what is a Pedometer? What does it do?

    Thanks Becky
  • Pedometers are those things that look like tiny beepers, and you clip them onto the waist of your pants, and they count how many steps you take in a day. It is good for if you are wanting to know how much exercise you get during the day, or to keep track of steps so that you can increase your activity level.
  • Thanks I'll have to check inot that. I know I don't get enough exercise all I do is sit here on with FC...
  • Mine is an ACCUSPLIT Eagle and I love it. It shows step activity, distance walked and calories burned. I ordered it over the Internet at and, as I recall, It was around $20. It's very easy to use and attaches to your waist or pocket with a clip to make sure it stays.
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    In our "Healthy Arkansas" program from our state health department - we can receive a free pedometer which does about everything as well as good literature on walking, etc. I acquired 30 and have been distributing to my organizations and friends.

  • Has anyone tried the ones that came in the Special K cereal boxes? If so, are they any good? I think this "Healthy Arkansas" program is great!
  • I got one from Eddie Bauer a while back and it's good...probably not worth the $12 I spent on it, but it's still nice to have. I use it a lot actually.
  • Our girl scouts also got free pedometers. They loved seeing how many steps they too. This was in conjunction with their TAGS (Take action girl scouts) program to encourage physical fitness. Unfortunately some of the pedometers broke within a day or two as they were the cheap ones.
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