Building a New Home

  • Hi - I'm new to this forum and I hope people are browsing this category! Doesn't look like it's had much activity in awhile.

    Anyway, my husband and I are selling our home and we bought acreage to build a house on. We don't want a mobile home but are looking into the other options, such as manufactured kit homes or the basic site-built home.

    Has anyone ever built a kit home, such as Endeavor Homes? I'd love to hear from you if you have!

    Liz Smith
  • Sounds like fun, Liz!
    Would you be doing the building yourself or hiring a contractor?
  • We will be doing the building ourselves. My husband is very knowledgable at that type of thing and a great friend of ours is a contractor. Our home goes into escrow tomorrow and we'll have 45 days to move into my husband's grandmother's home (she passed away). While living in her home, we will be building ours.

    I know a kit home would be quicker, but we are skeptical about costs, quality, etc.

    I wish I felt like it would be fun!! I'm into instant gratification myself But this will be our home for life, on 46 acres with our 2 little kiddos and 2 dogs. So we need to create our perfect, dream home...and that may take awhile.