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  • What type of church do you attend now and do you like it there? What things would you change?

    hugs, train
  • Your Current Church
    I go to Lynn St Church Of Christ I changed from another Church as it was realy a click and didnt Like it But this Church treets you like you are family and makes you feel loved and that thay realy cares for you.

    no I would not change any thing about my church I Love it and all the people there.
  • I belong to a 155 yr old Evangelical Reformed Church who about 55 yrs ago left and joined the United Church of Christ and 18 months ago we left the UCC and went back to ERC.

  • Train, I have been looking at a lot of facilities that Children's Ministry has in Churches in the States lately and was coming to start a thread to find out where people go! I am glad you beta me to it!
    If you go to a Church that has a Kids Pastor/Worker and a Children's Ministry, I would love to know where it is. I have been chatting with some pastors ponline and would love to know if any of you are in their Churches! If you'd rather PM me your Church name, that's fine!
    I attend an Anglican Church now, which I think is similar to Episcopalian. I'm not really sure. It is a contemporary Church, strongly outreach based and growing well. I enjoy it. I think going to Church in America is still much more common than in Australia. People don't go to Church here just to hang, it has to mean something or they don't bother going.
  • My church has a Youth & Family Minister for the children we have a weekly Kids for Christ (3 yrs to 4th grade), Teens for Christ )5th-12th grade), kids church for 4th grade and younger, and monthly Youth group meeting (5th-12th graders). The 2nd Sunday of the month is Family Sunday where the Kids for Christ choir sings and we have lunch at church after the service.

  • One of the things I would change in the church I was going to is that if you missed a few Sunday that the pastor would call to check on you... and not wait on you to call him.
    A Pastor that would go and visit the sick in the hospital not just once in a while, but every single time.
    Or am I'm the one out of line here?

    RIght now I'll be lookng for another church unless GOD moves me to stay where I am.
    I would like for it to have more kids. As I would like for there be things for the kids
  • I hear you, Barbar. I am right there, right now.
    Neither of our churches have shown any concern at all while Mark was in the hospital or now that we are home.
    No phone calls or nothing. It's not a denominational thing, it's that the churches are so big, if you don't attend you are obvioulsy not missed.
    Yes, I did call both churches when Mark went into the hospital. Both pastors were busy and they sent out the assistant pastors/priest, neither of which know us. The pastors have NEVER called to check on us or see if we need anything. Just ONE phone call would have been nice.

    We belonged to much smaller baptist/nondenominational churches in other places we have lived and that makes a big difference.

    Meg, we attend St. Francis Catholic church and New Life Center, or thats where we NORMALLY attend.

    Last week and today I attended a very small baptist church downtown. My second Sunday there and they were bashing Mother Theresa and Catholics. I won't go to any church that bashes anothers religion.

    Along the same line, I am very upset with the pope we now have. He certainly isn't making many points with me with his military and very unfriendly ways.
    And then (atleast in my neck of the woods) all the Los Angeles sex abuse scandal is in the paper every day..............

    You know, right now I just feel like going to church in the park.

    hugs, train
  • Well, Sunday I AM definitely going to church in the park.

    hugs, train
  • Our church right now is a family oriented church. Of course we have just had some changes recently that have made us a closer body than usual. But we have learned to seek the Lord and wait for His timing.
    We have children ministries in our church as well. The children stay in service along with us, thus learning how to behave themselves in church at a very young age. lol But we have age appropriate classes in Sunday School and then we have separated evening groups for the kids for study, arts and crafts and choir. Then one Sunday a month they are the featured choir. My kids LOVE it! But the also love going to church!
    I know that if you are not happy with where you are going the Lord will lead you to the place you are suppose to be.
  • I am part of the Salvation Army Church. There is alot of good there, but wow are there things I would change.
    I think that a family oriented congregation is important, were children are a priority and the truth is spoken in LOVE!
    Hugs gang