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trainlady 08-23-2002 02:24 PM

Favorite restaurant!!!
Have you ever vacationed at a restaurant that has been unforgetable to you?

What is your local favorite?

A few years ago my husband and I amtrakked to Savannah, Ga.
We ate at "Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House"...a historic establishment there!!!
You eat with other's, family style ,at round tables and the food was just unforgetable!!!
Fried chicken, sweet potatoes, greens, black eyed peas, buttermilk biscuits, cucumber pickles, deviled eggs and relishes, slaw, pickled beets, glazed carrots, banana pudding and lots and lots of Sweet Tea!!!
Mark and I had just got off the train, checked into our room and we were very hungry!!! Mrs. Wilkes' place hit the spot!!! We even got to meet her on that occasion and she autographed the cookbook I bought there!
It was a good thing we planned on doing a lot of walking because , well, lets just say we ate enough
for about 3 days!!!
But, boy oh boy, was it good!!!

My favorite local restaurant here in town is Woolgrowers...basque food!!! Peace,train:daisy: :daisy: :daisy:

danstigerangel 08-26-2002 04:16 AM

hmmmmmm let me see!!!

I would have to say my fav is Ruby Tuesday's! My family loves to go there. They have an awesome grilled vegie sandwich that is served on garlic bread. And I always get there salad bar. It is sooooo good.

There is also a Chinese Restaraunt that we all like called the "Fulay Buffet"!!! Now that's a place you need to wear something "loose" around the waist. LOL

:-: Lauri

Jenlee 08-26-2002 04:50 AM

For me, it's Olive Garden and my local Chinese place. For dh, it's Outback Steakhouse.

For the children, where else? McDonald's!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D :-D :-D

jnlowe 09-02-2002 10:30 AM

LAMBERT'S -- in Sikeston, Missouri! Home of the "Throwed Rolls"!
^^ Very nostalgic -- very old, family-owned restaurants. The decor is similar to the Cracker Barrel chain -- but memorabilia of the area and pictures of the family and the store way back when!

The food is Southern family recipes -- huge portions!

And just like in any southern family home, there are many youth walking around serving you side orders FOR FREE!! They each have a pot of something delicious and walk up and down each isle yelling out their "wares" -- you raise your hand and say "here!" and they spoon a bunch on your plate!

Their absolute specialty are their homemade yeast rolls -- OMG! To die for! Just like my mom used to bake! A hint of sweetness and oh so hot and right out of the oven! They don't even take them out of the pans! They walk down the isles and yell "hot rolls" -- but -- the FUN part on this is....


Yes! They throw them to you -- pitched like a baseball! They are good aims, too and it is funny to see them pitching rolls from way across a room.

I let DD and DSS catch mine.

One day I was concentrating on the food on my plate when they pitched a roll across the room at someone and accidentally hit one of the many state flags hanging from the ceiling. It ricocheted downward and hit me square on the left chest! Boy, did my family and others get a laugh!

It's a fun time and the only time it is "okay" to throw your food! :daisy:

MsJReg 09-02-2002 11:45 AM

Favorite Restaurants
My favoite restaurant is Cracker Barrel. I've been going to my local CB for twelve years-at least three days a week for breakfast. Their food is very consistently good at every CB I've ever gone to.

My next favorite restaurant is in ST. Augustine, FL. I like the Raintree Restaurant -the food was delicious and the ambience is outstanding. A bit pricey, but well worth the money and experience. My fiance' and I went there on one of our first day excursions and it has remained one of my favorite memories even after 5 years. I'd do flips to go again.^^

tortiemom 09-02-2002 11:51 AM

favorite restaurant
My absolute favorite restaurant, which unfortunately is no longer, was Farell's Ice Cream Parlor, esp. the turn of the century look and feel. It was great. I went there for all my birthdays as a kid. My favorite place now is Cracker Barrel, for the food and the gift shop. I just wish there were one closer to me in Alexandria, VA. :(

bwsmom 09-02-2002 02:59 PM

Capitola, CA. Just a bit south of Santa Cruz/Monterey area. There's a restaurant called Shadowbrook. If you're ever out that way, it's a MUST. You will never, ever forget your experience there, from the ride (yes, ride) from the parking lot to the restaurant, the view, the food, the service, the ambience.... it's truly a one-of-a-kind experience!!! You will NOT regret it!!!

As for here in Portland, really any of the McMenamin's are pretty good. We prefer the Bagdad Theatre for their dine while movie-watching experience. Great fun for the kids on the weekends!

(PS: Nice post, OP! Thanks!) :)

blondie29697 09-02-2002 05:48 PM

Yes, Alf's Restaurant in Maggie Valley. They have the biggest most delicious scallops I've ever tasted. Then, up the hill, one mile, is Cataloochee Ranch. Dinner on Saturday night is open to the public (other nights it is for the resident guests). The meal is served family style at long tables. Your place card is a snap clothes pin with your name on it. You don't pick your seat, but are placed at tables with people from all over the USA and overseas. It is interesting dinnertime conversation and the meal is great! The scenery from the mountaintop is breath taking!

Lifestar 09-02-2002 06:15 PM

OMG...Shawn..where IS Harolds?
I have never seen so much decadence in all my life? I could feed my entire family on one slice of chocolate cake. Where is this place? I'd like to go just to see it.

MY favorite restaurant is a local place here in Rockland County NY. It is called "Gilligans" because of the shipwrecked Island atmsophere. It's a seafood place but you can get Italian food too...but SEAFOOD is the word. You see, you enter through a fish store.

So many people were asking for cooked dinners from this fish store, that they opened a restaurant next know it's fresh, because they take it out of the cases and cook it up for you. There is a raw bar, and good cold beer and wine too. You get more than you can eat for $7.95, and it is the freshest, most delicious 3 courses of food you can imagine.

rosmith 09-03-2002 05:57 AM

Gulf Shores, Alabama - Sea n' Suds and Coconut Willies.
Springdale, Arkansas - Marketplace Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Guido's Pizza, Spring Street Grill
Winslow, Arkansas - Skyvue Cabins...they do take out pizza on Fri. and Sat. nights that has tons of topping and very reasonable...remote area on top of Mount Gaylor.
Rogers, Arkansas - Copelands (New Orleans style food), Briozo Brazil.

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