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  • Hi everyone;

    I have been going to all of these recipe sites and printing out recipes ever since my first computer in 1990. I'm not going to claim loving to cook but with all boys necessity demands it so I do try to make the best of it and new and delicious recipes certainly makes it enjoyable.

    The one thing in all of my endeavors that I haven't found is a software program that is formatted in such a way that I can organize and develop my very own recipe book, calculate ingredients according to servings and be able to access my recipes quick and easy using a keyword instead of having to go through each and every recipe on file.

    I keep hearing statements like "Master Chef" format and things like this however I have no clue what this is.

    Any and all help is so very appreciated. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
  • I am wondering if you are talking about Master Cook. Ebay has it for sale,I think It used to be owned by Sierra but they don't own it any more.

    I have Master Cook and I can store my own recipes and it gives me Nuritional info. I am on Weight Watchers, and I can figure out recipes with the nutr. info. and I can put my own info in it also. Like if it doesn't know a product I'm using I can put all the info and then it remembers that product.

    Hope that helps.
  • I also had been trying to organize my recipes and get nutritional info (being on Weight Watchers as well), I did some research and found "Cook'n" products by DVO. They have quite a selection of their own recipes like "Cook'n Diabetic," "Cook'n Vegetarian," "Cook'n Lite & Healthy," "Cook'n Fix & Forget," to name a few I personally own. What I really like is besides letting me enter my own recipes, having many others, nutritional information, etc., You can also do menu planners and they have a newsletter if you want to subscribe and a web site for additional recipes and ideas you can check it out on your own at... http://www.dvo.com/homecookn
    I really love mine!
  • Ejagin, about MasterCook
    I have MasterCook and could not live without it. It is the best of the Software ( in my opinion) Another company has bought it from Sierra and will have the new one out in July. I have Version #6 in the Cooking Light series. I got 7 of the Cooking Light Cookbooks with mine and now I have downloaded and put my own recipes in it to the tune of over 100 cookbooks. It does everything you can think of to do and more. Has a search feature that I love. I can put in one word and get every recipe that I have with that ingredient in it. I could go on and on but you get my message.

  • SuziAnne

    Does it also make a shopping list for you? I'm looking for a program which will allow me to pick out recipes for the week and supply me with a shopping list so that I can see what is in the cupboards and then buy what I haven't got

    Sorry I haven't been on in a couple of days but we've had some pretty rough storms rolling through and more on the way so my computer time has been limited. I will certainly look into the suggestions you've given me. I can't wait. I've been wanting to do this for years. You help is greatly appreciated!!!!
  • Recipe Software
    Yes, Mumtomany, it makes a shopping list. Also a pantry list. You can make a meal plan for a day, week, month or for as long as you want. Mine is for 6 weeks. When you get it all set up, you can print our a shopping list and it will go to your pantry and delete the items on you shopping list that are in your pantry. As I said, I don't know anything that it does not do. I love it!!!!!!
  • Woweee!

    Oh I love you ladies and this site . Now I can save oodles of time,money and patience. Can't wait to buy a copy

    Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!!

    I'm a happy bunny

  • Thanks everyone. I too have been looking for something like this. I just didn't know who to ask. Thanks

    Jackie S
    Sorry to report ladies but e-bay has no more copies available as it was discontinued and the new publisher of MasterCook isn't releasing it's new version until August of this year.

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I guess another month won't kill me but I sure wanted to get it now .................before I lose my motivation. LOL