What is YOUR favorite fruit?

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  • What is YOUR favorite fruit?

    Mine is a peach, then raspberries!

    What is YOUR least favorite fruit?

    Mine would be watermelon!

    What fruit has caught your attention, but you don't know how to prepare it?

    Mine would be a star fruit.
  • I actually have 4 fav. fruits. These are: blackberries, apples,
    bananas, and blueberries. I know what blackberries taste like because we happen to have a large number of wild blackberry bushes. Sure, they are almost too sweet, but theytaste great and are definitely worth the wait during the summer.
  • Almost any summer fruits--fresh, of course! ;-) But I agree with the blackberries! They are heavenly!
  • favorite fruit
    I was going to answer this question a few hours ago but when i came to think of it i couldnt really think of which was my favorite and which was my least favorite lol

    After much thought i have decided that my favorite fruit would be Peaches and my least favorite would have to be Pineapple .

    I love the Pineapple flavor of things but just dont like the actual fruit ...i am the same way with strawberries as well.

  • I Love fruit and it is very difficult to pick a favorite, but I will have to say that Watermelon and Strawberries are on the top of my list. Blueberries are near the bottom, but I don't dislike them!
  • I love Watermelon, bananas, seedless grapes and strawberries. Plus apples and ruby red grapefruits.

    I am not crazy about peaches, plums or pears.

    I have never tried starfruit or mangos but may try them soon.
  • Shawn
    oh you just have to try Star fruit .... i had totally forgotten about them lol

    They are so nice and they look real cool in a fruit salad

  • Star Fruit

    DO you peel star fruit, or are they fine the way they are?

  • CulinaryJen
    you just cut it the star fruit into slices ( so that you have a star slice) and then eat it ... i would wash it first though just to get any stuff off it but then you just eat it

  • Thanks, Sue!

    When I first discovered kiwifruits about 20 years ago, my mother and I thought you just eat them! It wasn't until later, we heard we were supposed to peel them first!

    Thanks again!