Zazzle Customizable Greeting Cards: Made to Order!

  • ‘Tis the Season to Send out those Holiday Cards…
    Personalize and send them on their way with customizable Real U.S. Postage from Zazzle

    More than any other gift or item to buy this season, the holidays insist that consumers have a stockpile of holiday cards and postage handy – and Zazzle is here to help. Instead of frantically searching everywhere for the perfect holiday card and unique holiday postage stamp, Zazzle offers everything the consumer needs at one place with the Zazzle holiday card and postage center. Consumers are able to choose from thousands of pre-designed holiday cards and postage stamps and customize to their liking, as well as create their own by uploading their designs or images instantly to create a truly one-of-a-kind holiday greeting. Best of all, holiday cards are produced within 24 hours of placing an order.

    Whether you would like to create your own, or choose from an infinite array of holiday designs, Zazzle makes it easy and quick. In no time at all, you will be completely stocked with unique and festive holiday cards and real U.S. postage.

    Already have the perfect photo or design in mind?
    Create Your Own!

    Want to choose from pre-designed cards and postage?
    Pick and Personalize!

    For more fun holiday gifts or ideas, visit the Zazzle one-stop holiday shop at


  • I tried out this site using the "create a greeting card by filling in your own photo" option. My resulting card is pictured below.

    My impressions of the site:
    There were SO many great choices! The hardest part about using Zazzle was picking which card I wanted to make. There are nearly 1400 customizable Christmas cards. After you choose a card, you simply type in your text into the text box and add your photo. You can even customize the inside text and the back of the card. The site also shows you "other choices like this one" for each item you choose.

    I'm looking forward to seeing a hard copy of the finished product and will post here when I receive my copy in the mail.


  • I received my cards in the mail today from Zazzle. I am impressed by how quickly they arrived! They are printed on quality paper with nice envelopes, and packaged safely in plastic sleeves, then put in the mailing box. This way they cards will not get bent, crushed or scratched. The cards are a nice size and definitely an excellent quality product.