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Amanda 10-22-2008 07:02 AM

New Crockpot products and TIPS!
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Tips to Spend less and Enjoy More Begin Money Saving Efforts in the Kitchen with Jarden Consumer Solutions!

From high gas prices to soaring food costs, Americans are thinking about their everyday spending habits.

Jarden Consumer Solutions, America’s leading provider of niche consumer products used in and around the home, has the solutions to keep your money where it belongs – in your wallet!

Here are some ways the Crock-Pot® and FoodSaver® brands can help you save money by entertaining in the comfort of your own home.

Stay home and dine in
For a family of four, dining out at even the most affordable restaurant can cost around $50. If dining out is limited to once a month, that is $600 a year. With the new Crock-Pot® eLume Programmable slow cooker, families can make delicious, home-cooked meals for less – enjoying “family time” and home cooked meals while also saving money! Use the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system to make your own “doggy bags” to enjoy for lunch and dinner throughout the week.
SAVE $600

Take the party with you
Organize a special night with friends and neighbors at home instead of the typical dinner out that can cost up to $300 for a party of four. Assign each person one course of the meal from appetizers to entrees to dessert. Use the Crock-Pot® Cook & Carry slow cooker to take your warm, tasty recipe to the party without spilling a drop. Keep those inevitable leftovers fresh for weeks by using the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system to send guests home with delicious meals to freeze and enjoy later!
SAVE $300

Holiday entertaining
Many hosts choose to cater their holiday soirees in order to save time. But at $20 a head, even a modest party of 20 guests can cost up to $400! Hosts can prepare multiple dishes using the Crock-Pot® Trio Cook & Serve slow cooker, which has three individual 2.5qt. cookers, each with its own temperature settings. In addition, hosts can buy their ingredients when they are on sale – even weeks in advance – and use the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system to lock in freshness until it is time to prepare the meal.
SAVE $400

Have appetizers at home
Appetizers and wine can tack on an extra $60 to a restaurant bill for a party of four. Have your party meet before dinner and provide appetizers using the Crock-Pot® Little Dipper™ Warmer, which is great for warm dips and sauces. Also, the new FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system offers rapid marinate mode, so you can prepare “pub-style” wings in minutes – at a fraction of the cost. Add a glass of wine and this “pre-dinner” party can easily shave at least $15 off the bill per person. Of course, a designated driver is a must!
SAVE $60

Skip the ice cream parlor
All kids scream for ice cream, but if you’re treating 4 kids at $6 a cup, a quick dessert can cost you at least $24. Use the Crock-Pot® Double Dipper™ to create your very own sundae bar – complete with hot fudge and warm caramel to top those delicious sundaes! Fruits with a limited shelf life, such as bananas and strawberries, can be sealed with the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system and frozen to enjoy as a fresh, healthy topping anytime.
SAVE $24

And the Savings don’t stop there. Exercise your frugal knowledge at the grocery store to realize even more cost savings.

Make-ahead meals
Pizza Friday has become a tradition for many American families. Assuming a family spends about $30 on pizza once a week, they are actually spending up to $1,560 per year at their local pizza parlor! The FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system allows you to ditch the delivery man and provide your family with impromptu meals when nobody feels like cooking. Simply prepare meals in bulk earlier in the week and store them in the freezer for a healthy and easy meal on Friday! SAVE $1,560

Save at the deli
Steak tenderloin averages $15 a pound but by choosing less expensive cuts of meat, like pot roast or stew meat, you can save an average of $50 a week or $200 a month on your grocery bill – especially since prices for less expensive
cuts are down 4.9%! The Crock-Pot® eLume Programmable slow cooker will take the less
expensive cuts of meat and melt out fat, making them fall-off-the-bone tender and delicious. Also, use the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system to seal and freeze these mouth-watering meats for use in the weeks or months to come!
SAVE $200

Stock up on sale items
A recent consumer research study conducted by Jarden Consumer Solutions found that a family of four can save $25 a month or $300 a year by buying food items on sale. A family can save even further when buying sale items in bulk ($150 a month or $1,800 a year) and using the FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system to keep stored food fresher up to five times longer. SAVE $300

Eliminate waste
Americans waste more than 40 percent of the food that is produced for consumption. The FoodSaver® vacuum sealing system reduces the amount of waste produced by keeping produce fresh and preventing freezer burn. In fact, families can save $50 a month or $600 a year** by simply eliminating the amount of food they waste.
SAVE $600

Make use of those pantry staples
We all have pantry fixtures such as black beans, white rice or canned tomatoes on hand – so put them to good use! By using the Crock-Pot® eLume Programmable slow cooker, these inexpensive ingredients can combine to make a delicious meal! In fact, you can visit to find easy recipes that can feed a family of four for under $10. In addition, keep these pantry staples fresher longer by storing them in FoodSaver® Canisters, which seal out air and moisture to keep ingredients full of flavor.

* Survey conducted by independent market research firm Opinion Research Corporation in November 2007 and commissioned by the Crock-Pot® brand.

** Consumer research study conducted by Jarden Consumer Solutions and the FoodSaver® brand.

mom2-4 11-03-2008 03:44 AM

Thanks for all these tips. These should really help with keeping the spending on food costs down, especially with the holidays coming. And being out shopping.

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