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Amanda 09-07-2008 05:52 AM

Clari-Fi MP3 hearing protection device
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SAN JOSE, CA- August 21, 2008- Intunition, an audio manufacturer at the forefront of advocacy for safer listening to digital music, has announced today the introduction of their Clari-Fi MP3 hearing protection device. The Clari-Fi is an ultra-portable device that when attached to any MP3 player reduces hearing fatigue, and protects against potential hearing damage.

Mp3 players pose a serious risk to the hearing of a generation of young people. In a recent ASHA survey, the scope of the danger posed to high-school students was noted, citing their listening to loud music for longer durations than ever before. However, while most attribute hearing damage only to loudness and duration, this is only half of the story. Mp3 players also pose other, lesser know, hearing risks:
Mp3s are over-processed. During different stages of encoding and compression, harmful (and often inaudible) high-frequency digital artifacts are added to the wave form. Between initial analogue to digital (A/D) conversion, encoding, algorithmic compression (size-reduction) and finally conversion from digital back to analogue (D/A), with each subsequent step, errors and unwanted digital byproducts (high-energy, high-frequency digital transients) are added to the music. These transients, when added to loud passages of music, may contribute to progressive upper range hearing loss.
While loud sounds in close proximity have the potential to be damaging, it is often overlooked that high-frequency sounds can cause hearing damage at lower volumes, because they contain more power. Hearing damage results from exposure to powerful sound waves at the point they reach one's ear. The higher the frequency of sound, the more powerful it is, thus increasing its potential to cause hearing fatigue and eventually long-term damage, even at lower volumes. Unwanted high-frequency digital transients are often inaudible, but still contain levels of energy harmful to hearing.
The closer the music source is to one's eardrums, the risk of hearing damage rises exponentially. Earbuds and other In-ear headphones in vogue today pose an increased risk of hearing damage. Basic wave physics states if a sound source is twice as close, it delivers 4x more energy to your ears.
Intunition's new Clari-Fi device removes digital artifacts from the music, dramatically reducing the power of the sound waves reaching one's ear at the same perceived volume level. The result is a significant reduction in hearing fatigue and protection against potential hearing damage caused by digital transients. The product is based on a newly-developed proprietary semiconductor technology that is powered by the audio output, and thus requires no batteries for operation.

About Intunition (
Intunition is an innovative audio manufacturer, and the first to use passive compression to address the fundamental shortcomings of compressed digital audio, including MP3 and satellite radio players. Their products use custom semiconductor compressor chips to reduce hearing fatigue, and protect against potential hearing damage caused by digital transients.

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