November Secret Sister Thank-You Spot!

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  • Thank you SS for my package today I got some apple cinnamon potpourri,tea lights,a cookbooklet,a christmas pin,some hot chocolate and tea,too.Thank you very much! It was a terrific surprise and made my day Hope you have a terrific weekend,too.


  • I received my snailmail from my SS today!!!!! I got the prettiest and neatest book marker that was kind of a metal filigree design. So cool along with some other goodies (note pad - I can never find one with my boys around so this one goes next to my bed!!!!) It came from Thermopolis, WY. I've never been there but I've heard they have a cool natural laval hot spring there. My Secret Sister has been very good about keeping her identity a secret!!!! I still have no idea!!! I can't wait to find out!

    Thanks Secret Sister, you've made my day....again and again...!!! Boy, I sure feel like a kid when I open my mailbox online or outside and see that I've got mail!
  • Thank you SS
    Thank you for all of my ecards this week. Yes it is ok about the candle coming early. I love it ,smells mmmmm good.I will light it ;Thursday when we eat Thanksgiving dinner and I will be thinking of you (no clues, I dont even have a guess). You have been a wonderful Secret Sis.

  • OK, I received snail mail from my SS yesterday. SS you are awesome, really!!
    She sent me a bookmark 'From Your Secret Pal', a really pretty note pad/post it, a date book/planner for 2005 with a card tucked in and the best was attached to the card-a penguin charm!! I love it all!! especially the penguin though!!
    My dd thinks she's going to get my planner and note pad, but I think not.

    BTW, SS I noticed also that I have I have a couple of e-cards I haven't looked at yet. Thanks for them in advance-I know I'll love them too.

    Looking forward to reveal day!!
    Take care,
  • I have to give the BIGGEST thank you to my Secret Sister (whomever and wherever she is)...

    I have had a pretty awful week... emotionally draining and spiritually exhausting. I hadn't signed onto my SS e-mail accoount ..and just tonight spent a solid hour crying in my car... before getting a grip and getting my act together enough to come in the house...

    I decided to log in to the account before bed and see if there was any mail..and low and behold, there were 10 E-mails from my sending SS. All this week she has been keeping up with the sweetest, most friendly and uplifting e-cards, reminding me that someone was thinking something good about me, while I was being the hardest on myself. Things work in mysterious ways...

    So thank you Secret Sister for being there for me every day this week, even when I didn't realize you were! (How did you know I was needing you?)

    Now the next question is who are you? .. if you're not Canadian, and the weather is Springlike by you.. and there are doggies on your stationary.. well those are interesting tidbits... but I need more to go on! lolol...


    PS you wouldn't be a Texan by any cance would you?
  • My secret sister has sent me some EXCELLENT E cards! I love the post card! At first, I thought you were from FL! ( just assumed from the sand dollars!) But then, I recieved your letter with the stickers!

    Thanks SO much!

    I can't wait to meet you!!
  • Thank you SS for the cute turkey e-card. I wasn't sure what to expect under that lid. LOL. Of course if I had it my way, we'd have pasta on Thanksgiving. The rest of the family would have my head.


  • thanks Sis!!!! the 2 e-cards you sent today were so cute!!! Not sure where the others went Lost in cyber space somewhere!!! No biggie. i know you are thinking of me.

  • I would just like to say thank you to my secret sister. She has been very sweet to me and I feel blessed to have had her as my secret sister. I took a wild guess and got it right...She is none other than Lifestar, one of the sweetest people that I know on Family Corner I got an adorable hand-made card in the mail today and tucked inside was a beautiful picture of the Hudson River. I have never been to New York, but I got a taste of it today! So happy that you were mine this month Val! God bless you!
  • Today I received the yummiest looking card from my ss by snail mail!! It had a picture of a slice of Pumpkin pie on the front!! And yes, I would absolutely love to have pie and coffee with you!! From our emails, I know that you are someone that I would have a lot to talk about with you and that I would love to live close enough to share pie and coffee with you anytime!!!!