November SS Meeting Room

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  • We should be ready to start connecting with our new Secret Sisters by tomorrow evening at the latest.

    Check back often to see when this thread is open!!

  • OK, Ladies you may start sending out

    Have a wonderful time this month, we received some wonderful reports on the Questionnaire this time about some of your girls.. We love hearing those things.

    Remember to mail out your 1st Snail mail by the 15th if all possible or AT least Have it Postmarked by the 15th as that is the new rules.
    Make sure you send out a ecard or something per week thru emails.

    Sit back and enjoy and learn about one another...

    if I can assist you in any way, please ask.


  • Im so excited about Nov can't wait to get started
  • I'm so excited about spoiling a new SS!! I made friends with my last month's receiving SS ( Linda LOU) I'm going to scrape together the gas money and drive out to see her.. but at the rate the gas prices are rising.. it's probably cheaper to fly. lolol
  • wooooohooooo
    Yea Yea.
  • I am now a SS. Yeah!!
  • ***CONGRATS***
    ***CONGRATS theirmom***
    You are gonna have a GREAT time,
  • Alright theirmom!! Welcome to the SS Club. You will have a doubt about it!
  • Thank you GLOW4GOD and kello!! I am so looking forward to it.