November SS Meeting Room

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  • Welcome theirmom you'll be addicated in no time!!!!! lol hugs kim
  • Welcome to the club Stormy.. You'll have sooo much fun!
  • Stormy, welcome to the club...i'm sure you will have as much fun as we all have had so far!!!

  • Welcome to theirmom to our sisterhood and all the fun we have!!!
    You will certainly get as addicted as we are!

    Sit back and enjoy all these wonderful girls day after day!!!!

    another SS
  • Thank you so much You are all so great!!
  • Woo hoo! This is my first time in this club. I did recieve a card, but I did not recieve my assignment! Please forgive me my secret sister! I will definately send something once I find out who I have! I can't wait!
  • Musicmom1, send a PM to bar_bar about your missing assignment--and make sure your PM box is empty enough, so she can get it back to you
  • Carolyn
    Morning, Morning, morning
  • Good morning sisters!

    I hope you are all well and looking forward to another great month.

    Welcome new sisters, sit back and enjoy getting to know one another. If you have any questions or concerns, ask one any of us, there's always someone able to help.

    It's a beautiful sunny day, I need to pick up the last few things in the yard. After that, I'll probably be back here. Van't seem to stay away.

    BTW, where is everybody? The boards are very quiet.

  • Hello, ladies!!!
    Hope everyone is having a good week!! It's getting cold here!!! Has rained for the past 4 days and today they said it was 50 but I swear it felt like 30!!!! The highs next week are supposed to be only 45 and Mon low is 28!!!! I'm not ready for winter ~ how about you? Well, better head off to bed! Have a great night!!! Sweet dreams!