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ajrsmom 07-14-2004 08:26 PM

A Message to All Secret Sisters---Please take a moment to read
Ladies, I am sending out a plea to all of you tonight..... In order to make this club a fun place for all of us to enjoy, we must all work together....

It has been two weeks since your names have been sent to you, yet we still have women who havent received a thing from their Secret Sister. Please....If for some reason you are no longer able or no longer want to participate in our club, contact Barb or myself immediately so that we can match your sister up with someone else. When you signed up to become a Secret Sister, you agreed to abide by the rules of the club. One of the first rules is that you acknowledge your Secret Sister in some way within the first week.

Reminder that if you haven't yet sent anything to your Secret
Sister, the month is half over! Remember, if you do not fulfill
your responsibilities of a SS (one snail mail post card!) then you
will be removed from the SSC for one month and will be able to join again the following month. Remember to be fair to all Secret Sisters,everyone deserves to receive something! :-)

Thanks to all of you for participating and making this community
so fun to be a member of!

On the other hand, There have been many Sisters write to say that they have sent out e-cards or emails that arent being picked up or opened. Some have even sent gifts but have heard nothing.... Check your "in box" often! :) Please, It only takes a minute to stop by the Thank-You thread in the Secret Sister forum to post a nice "Thank You" to your Sis. Let them know that you appreciate the things that they are doing for you.

If you have sent any e-cards or e-mail that have gone unanswered, it may have been deleted by your sister because they didnt know who it was from. So if you are e-mailing, please add "Family Corner" or "Secret Sister" in the subject line so it is not deleted.

Everyone please be sure to check your junk mail boxes as that is where any new mail coming in might be directed to go if they are not on your contact list.



ajrsmom 07-28-2004 08:24 AM

If you are leaving for vacation or are going to be away from your computer for more than 1-2 days, please let Barb or Tami know about it so that they can relay the message to your secret sister--both giving and sending. This will help to ease everyone's wondering when they dont hear from you.


Tami and Barb ::-)::

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