ready for kindergarten

  • My son will be 5 in August and the cut off for kindergarten is Aug. 31, so he just makes it. I am confident on everything but his fine motor skills (holding a pencil). I had decided to hold him back but when they called around for kindergarten screening, they found out the class is extremely small - 9-11 children in that class. I feel know that he would benefit all the way through to 8th grade if I do send him with this class. He also has an IEP which will help him in getting worked with 1 on 1 for any of his areas he needs help with including fine motor. He has the IEP from lack of speech when he was 3 and the last year and a half he now has it all and the thereapist was going to write him off the IEP but I told her to keep it for now since it's easier to get the tutoring help with it in place. What do you think of sending him along with such a small class?