• This weeks reading theme at my ds school is "In The Garden" They will be reading stories about plants and seeds. They will soon be planting their own little Garden (They have plant flower boxes on the grounds)

    We have attempted planting since Ds was 2 so this will be our 4th year, maybe this year will be the

    Him and his brother each have their own Grape Tomato Plants and some flowers!

    What a great way to educate your children about a little nature/farming by doing this together its fun to watch all summer long!

  • Before I went to work full-time I started most of my seed myself each year. I still start some, but to make my life a little easier I buy some plants too.
    When My children were young they all had to help with the garden. They loved helping plant. Often I would hoe a row for them to plant in the they would sprinkle the seeds and cover them. Each of them were assigned rows to take care of during the summer. They had to weed, water and take care of their rows. It was valuable experience for them and I hope when the day comes for them to have their own gardens they will have a base to start from.