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mom2-4 04-10-2005 05:35 PM

Kindergarten Readiness!!!
I know there is a thread of a list of what a child should know before entering kindergarten.

But, there are several things on that list that I have been informed that the children entering kindergarten in the fall of 2005, should know.

1. Cut efficiently with a scissors
2. Count to 100.
3. Able to write their name with using initial cap letter and the rest lower case. Such as Karen.
4. Recognize numbers up to 20.
5. Able to count items up to 20. (I am not sure is this rote counting)
6. Recognize all of both upper case and lower case letters of the alphabet.
7. A list of words that they should be able to recognize/read.

Has any one else heard this??

If so does anyone have this list of words? And could someone tell me where to get them and/or give them to me????

ajrsmom 04-10-2005 05:52 PM

WOW, That is really strict for Kindergarten!

My son went to Kindergarten last year in Pa. He had to know the following:

Able to count to ten

Able to recite ABCs

They would like for them to be able to write their names but it isnt a requirement.

They had to be able to recognize and be able to draw a circle, a square, a triangle and a rectangle.

He went through a series of naming pictures.

He was asked to draw a picture.

And then 2 different teachers interviewed him to see if he could carry on a conversation and to see if he was prepared for school. They werent prepared for a 5 year old that could carry on a conversation like a 25 year old, lol! ROFLMAO

Did you get this requirement list from the school that your child will be attending? If so, ask them for a list of words that he/she should know.

When I was teaching my son during the summer before he started Kindergarten, I searched the Internet for teaching sites that have sheets that you can print out.

I cant imagine that they would expect kids that age to start off knowing how to write upper and lower case letters or being able to use scissors effectively.

Good Luck to you! If you do find that list of words, please post them. Im very interested in seeing what they expect from the kids.

Karen, I forget, what part of Pa. do you live in?

Tami :hearts:

mom2-4 04-11-2005 02:58 AM

Tami, we are in Lancaster County.

No, I did not get this information from our district. But, the preschool that DD is going to has kids from the district right next to ours. This particular district has been doing kindergarten screening since my older two kids went to kindergarten. They are now sophmore and junior years.

Our district just started screening since my DD who is in fourth grade. But, usually whatever the district next to us does, our follows.

Our district just started all day kindergarten for children who are found to need it. Such as speech problems, not knowing their alphabet, not sure what else.

I really do not want my DD to go to all day kindergarten. From my understanding this is not a year round thing. They have to qualify for the all day kindergarten. And than when they are proficient they "graduate" from all day kindergarten.

I would think that would be hard in both aspects. First, adjusting to being at school all day. Than after adjusting to it. Than graduating from it, and having to go back to half days. I would imagine they would than get bored.

I am wondering if the list of words that they are to know is the same list of words that they get in first/second grades called "No Excuse Words". There is to be no excuse as to why they can't spell them.

Hold a conversation?? My DD is so shy, I don't think she will even say a word to these people!!

After posting this I went through the papers that we got at registration.

They also want them to know:

Full name(not necessarily saying to spell it)

Phone number and area code


City they live in

State they live in

And zip code

Another paper I have has shapes of shapes and animals in the middle of the shape there is a color, and they are to color that shape the color that is stated. On the opposite side it has things to do.

Such as

Clap your hands three times.
Jump nine times.
Touch your head and turn around.

another one:

Walk backwards to the door.
Hop back to your seat.
Sing the ABC song.

At the top of this page are the instructions:

Following Directions

Help your child to cut out the shapes below. Color the shapes the correct color by reading the color words. Place the shapes on a flat surface (table, floor, etc.) Let your child choose a shape. Read the directions on the shape and watch your child perform the actions. *Your might need to help your child with the actions.

But, I did not get a list of words.

Maybe when she goes for the screening she will get a list of things she should know.

I guess I should just relax and not worry so much. Here I thought I had a very smart child. But, now I am not sure if she will be ready!!

I did get preschool workbooks at WalMart for her to work in. She does really well with them. We are almost finished with them. I think I will buy a Kindergarten one for her to work in this summer.

Did you also know that the schools will most likely make all day kindergarten a normal thing. And that preschool might be mandatory!!!

That is how much they want these kids to be ready!!

Candy 04-16-2005 08:20 AM


Hi all,

My daughter had to know most of those things before kindergarden..including how to cut with scissors. They told me at her interveiw that I needed to let her work with scissors ,they could tell I did not! Huh!! I most certainly did ,as I love crafts and my kids got to make and try to make stuff from get go!! She also was to be able to hold a conversation which she would only answer questions bluntly. LOL She was also supose to know how to tie a bow(for shoes) which she did not. She knew her name and address but would not say it for the teacher!LOL Not to worry she still was accepted for kindergarden and against the written guidelines she went on to be a straight A student. This was 31 years ago in Indiana county in PA.

Coll 04-16-2005 11:54 AM

I think in our district (Hempfield Area), they need to know alot more stuff than when the 2 older kids started kindergarten.

I think it is-
Know name, address, phone number, say the alphabet, recognoze the letters, tie shoes, but this isn't all that important.
Know shapes, colors and some numbers.

I think it is a bunch of baloney. Thatys what those teachers are paid for. To TEACH. I'll say that to anyone.

My son could read at 3 1/2. And read a newspaper and understand it at 4 1/2. I think the kids will learn at their own pace. I can't see pushing them.

If I had to know all that stuff when I started first grade, I would have been about 9 when I started. LOL. I couldn't spell my middle name until I was 8.

Thjey push too hard.


barbszy 04-16-2005 01:12 PM

I don't like it that kids are expected to know ALL THAT before even starting school.
Probably both my Big Kids knew most if not all of it; I can't remember now....but I do know that they were not pushed to know it. Nor do I want them to be. I know it's gotten a lot more demanding even since DD was in kindergarten (she's in 3rd now). By the time Luke gets there in 2 more years they'll probably be expected to touch type, tap dance, stand on their heads and cook a gourmet meal too :rolleyes:

Coll, I'm a teacher (just because I'm not working now doesn't make me not a teacher :-D ) and I agree with you 100%!! The kids are way too rushed! I think it really shows later on. I'd rather have things taken at a little slower pace, let them get a GOOD grasp of the basics and a love for learning and reading. After that they will naturally take off!

VickiLynn 04-16-2005 02:04 PM

I agree that they are expecting too much from kids so early! Our district not only has all-day kindergarden, but all-day preschool! So my 4-year old would be expected to get on the bus at 7AM and return home about 4:30 (3 days/week). I think that's a LOT for a 4-year old.

But the school assures me that it's not a problem for the kids!

We've decided to send Ethan to preschool in a different district, where preschool is half-days. I have also found a private school in that district that still has half-day kindergarden. We're hoping to find enough in the budget to do that. It'll mean driving him to school, but we are willing.

Candy 04-16-2005 02:19 PM

^^ ROFLMAO I made a math mistake! It was 26 years ago for Penny and Kindergarden. I think kids need to be kids ,there is plenty of time for learning as long as they are exposed to it so they can grasp if if they want to. I can see the importance of knowing your name ,first and last, and your full phone number these days with all the child napping etc. It just feels like they are having to grow up way to fast to me.
BTW our school district is kindergarden a full day 5 days a week. For the first half the year Penny cried for me every afternoon and they took her to her brothers room for comfort.LOL he was in third grade and did not like that! LOL

tutterbear35 04-16-2005 07:45 PM

For our kindergarden round up they really look how kids interact with other kids. First they go in a room with about 5 teachers and speech teachers. Then they play for about 20 mins. The teachers watch them interact. Then they sit down and draw a picture of themselves, count to 10 and write there name. Then one of the teachers will read a story and ask questions and see who speaks up and talks and knows answers to questions. Then they get to ride a school bus the best part!! hugs kim

MKS 04-16-2005 08:33 PM

My ds is in K now & I can tell you most of the kids in his class did not know the things on your list. This is what has been taught all year. These may be things they will check at a screening to get an idea of where each child is. I go to his classroom once a week & have gotten to know the kids & their abilities. There is just such a wide range of progress at this age. I think the schools are pretty well prepared for this. I would say don't worry, just spend quality time with her in activities that have educational value. Teach her that learning is fun, reading is fun, nature is fun, numbers are fun, working with friends is fun...

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