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Preschoolers & Kindergartners What a fun time in life! Time to learn 123's and ABC's. At the same time, they're leaving that babyhood we'll miss so much!

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Old 09-16-2004, 10:37 AM
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Question Kindergarten Help

I have a child (girl) in kindergarten this year and I'm trying my hardest to be a patient Mom and not bug the teacher w/concerns but they are starting to pile up! Ha! My child isn't eating well - hot lunch as well as when I send a lunch. (she's conversing too much) She has gone to the bathroom she says "once" since she's started (3 weeks ago), she's holding it?? I'm out of ideas for "from home" lunches. Everything has to be cold stuff - can't be heated. Once I sent soup in a thermos otherwise I'm clueless for ideas???!!! She now has started to come down with a cold because the teacher hasn't had them put coats on (which I can't blame the teacher as she has 20 students to watch over). It's been cold and rainy here. Any hints??
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Old 09-16-2004, 07:59 PM
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Originally posted by cat
She now has started to come down with a cold because the teacher hasn't had them put coats on (which I can't blame the teacher as she has 20 students to watch over). It's been cold and rainy here.
IMHO, she should be making sure that all of the students in her class are bundled up before going outside. I know the teachers at the school my two DS went to for grades K-4 did it.

I think you need to start a list of your concerns and address them with the teacher at the first parent/teacher meeting. If that won't be for a while, call the school to set up a meeting. Make it clear to her teacher from the start that you are not attacking her and that you want to be a good classroom parent but that you just need some information/explanations.

Originally posted by cat
I'm out of ideas for "from home" lunches.

What about other "warm" foods that she likes. Beanie wienies and stuff like that can also be sent in a thermos.
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Old 09-16-2004, 09:27 PM
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I think that you should ask to meet with her face to face ASAP. By meeting her, you can make sure that your questions are answered.

My son's kindergarten teacher always made sure that all of the kids were bundled up before they left or she would tell them that they would be staying until they did it.

I had some reservations about my sons class last year too. I went to the teacher and explained my concerns. She was very honest with me when she said that she was limited by the school in what she did. I think that she appreciated the fact that we cared enough to ask questions----around here, so many family just accept what happens and what they are told---not me, not with my son's education.

As far as lunches go, my Ds's lunch times are monitored but I dont think that the teachers actually say anything to the kids about what they are or arent eating. I have been working with my son on planning out his lunches. Maybe that would work for your DD too. We have the school menu hanging on our frig and every night he will check to see if he wants to eat at school the next day or take his lunch. I refuse to give him money for school lunches if he is only going to eat one of the 5 items on his tray.

I can give you lots of lunch ideas if you are looking for some. Im going to buy a thermos for him for when it gets colder too......he can eat mac n cheese w/ cut up hot dogs, chicken noodle soup ( his fav), spaghetti Os, .......

Some things that he has taken to eat this year: bologna and cheese sandwiches, turkey and cheese tortillas roll-ups, chicken nuggets w/ ketchup to dip. He also loves homemade Lunchables with crackers, meat and cheese.

grapes, Trix yogurt ( I buy this for school only as a treat), cheese sticks, cucumber slices and ranch dressing to dip, Wheat Thins, p-nut butter crackers.

He either buys milk to drink or takes a juice box.

Ive learned that he wont eat a whole lot of anything so I usually make him a sandwich plus 2 snack sized bags of stuff.

Tomorrow he is taking a bologna & cheese sand, cucumber slices with Ranch to dip, Wheat Thins and a juice box. He will eat all of this no problem. I use one of those small, blue ice packs in his lunch box.

If you need more ideas, just let me know.

Good Luck with her teacher. Be persistant and dont stop until you get some answers.


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Old 09-17-2004, 06:12 AM
cat cat is offline
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kindergarten troubles

Thanks for the ideas!! Most I have already tried but I'm going to use the thermos more since our weather is cool now and will get cooler. Our conference time is in November, will address issues before that. Thanks! Cat
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Old 09-30-2004, 04:59 PM
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I have volunteered in my kids' school lunchrooms for 5 years now. The teachers do not stay in the lunchroom with the children. In this school, the kindergarten teacher hangs around and helps kids with the straw in the juice box, etc....until I or another volunteer kicks her out "I can handle the straws...go have YOUR lunch!"
No one monitors if the child is eating what is sent, though we do say something to children who throw out most of their hot lunch (kids who bring lunchboxes usually tote their trash home --I cannot train my kids out of that. I DON'T WANT TO SEE IT )

Having the child help to plan & pack lunch is a great idea. I know that my older DS (now in 7th grade) will talk through most of the lunchtime and then stuff in his lunch in the last 2 minutes . Give her the amount of food she has time to reasonably eat, and have a healthy snack waiting for her after school when she is ready to settle down and eat.

Thermos foods work really well if you warm the thermos first by filling it with boiling water, capping it, letting it sit 5 or 10 minutes, then putting lunch in it.

My kids love bagels with cream cheese for lunch. Buy them, slice them, freeze in sandwich bags. The night before, remove from freezer, open up, spread on the cheese, and put in the fridge. In the morning it is ready to go and will be defrosted by lunch. Plus this sandwich doesn't get "squashed."

Do call the teacher and get off on the right foot....let her know you are concerned.....don't attack her, and listen to her side of the story. Maybe your daughter doesn't WANT to wear the coat? By kindergarten the kids should be able to get their own coats on. And with getting a cold--your daughter is now going to a little Germ Factory every day, and whether it's rainy or not she will pick up some of those germs. And she'll share them with YOU and the rest of your's all part of the fun. (Last year during the first week of school my children passed Strep Throat to me )

Good luck!
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Old 09-30-2004, 04:59 PM
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so many
is she going a full day? my daughter goes from 8:15-11:35.
if she isn't in for a full day it would explain a lot. I work in the classroom twice a week so i see a lot. as far as the bathroom goes..she isn't holding it . out of 20 students i will see about 2-3 use the bathroom each day.
they all eat light. i actually see a lot of food going to waste and it bothers me. i wish these parents would really think about the amount they are sending. they are there for only these few hours and they send a full lunch that would feed my older kids. also, because they send things that are prepackaged and need to be thrown away (like a yogurt for example) they are clueless that their kid isn't eating all their food. when they go in for that short a time it really isn't lunch - it's a snack time.
although it being cold and rainy and not having a coat on doesn't help, it doesn't cause a cold. it's being exposed to all the other kids and whatever they have that causes colds to be spread. it is inevitable that kids catch more stuff when in school. vaseline once had a antibacterial lotion (not sure if they still do) that worked wonders for me. my son used to get sick every single time we went to one of those indoor ballpit playgrounds. i would put that stuff on his hands and he never got sick again.
target sells a great small thermos for kids (thermos brand, stainless steel, hot and cold insulated) it is pink with cats and stripes on it. 10 bucks. holds 8-10 ounces. pm me if you want me to send you a pic of it=)

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Old 09-30-2004, 07:59 PM
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I volunteer at my youngest son's school one day per week. I do all the work that the teacher doesn't have time for--making copies, laminating, etc. In addition I spend time talking to his teacher, getting to know her and letting her know about my son's needs, quirks and problems. I find that because we have a good relationship that she is willing to go the extra mile to take care of my son. Last week he was home sick and missed a science test. Monday when he came back to school she sent the test home with me and had me administer it because the other kids had had some extra help taking it and she wanted Ryan to have the same advantage. She could have just made him do it in class without help but because we have a good relationship she gave Ryan a good deal. Ryan is in 2nd grade. I also volunteered when my oldest son was in public school with the same results. I look at it that my spending 3-4 hours a week helping out his teacher in the long run helps out my son.
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Old 10-01-2004, 01:50 AM
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Definitely make an appointment with the teacher. I strongly suspect you will find out that the teacher does indeed get the children to bundle up. I work with small children and the rule is "if mom sent it, you wear it." Regarding lunches - you cannot make a child eat. In our classroom, the first 10 minutes are for eating and then they can socialize. I do not comment on the content of lunches etc. as that is not my place. I do encourage children to eat their sandwich or hot item before their pudding or snack stuff. You might suggest to the teacher that she set aside several minutes at lunch each day that there is no talking because your child is not eating. If you have an attitude of helpfulness and suppport it will go a long way....regardless of if your child is in k or grade 12....I do not get too upset with what my child eats at school - although healthy food/snacks are always sent - they eat well at home and the occasional meal not eaten will not hurt them. HOpe this helps!
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Old 10-01-2004, 05:16 AM
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You didn't mention if you work or are at home. I would suggest you try to eat lunch with your dd several times. You can see what the atmosphere is & how you might be able to help her settle down. You can probably also heat something up for the both of you & take it still warm. If you are eating it too, this may help her get the idea that, yes this is eating time, not social time. I think the first week or two, my ds didn't eat much either. Once he got into the routine he started eating better. I send ds a lunch every day because of the time it takes to get through the lunch line. That leaves little time for eating.
If you don't work, I would try spending some time in the classroom observing & helping the teacher. You can teach your daughter how to meet her own needs within the structure of the classroom rules. She is in a new surrounding & this is not her prioity. Also, most teachers will welcome contact with parents. If you talk about concerns with a positive attitude, the teacher knows she has a parent who is involved with their childs education & those are the kids that generally do better.
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Old 10-01-2004, 08:10 AM
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Lightbulb Lunch ?

What does your child like to eat? The thermos idea is a great idea! I'd get one for hot and one for cold. Check at the dollar store for a cold one....... make sure it fits tightly and won't leak. If she likes Mac & cheese send it, but remember the "fist" rule (nothing bigger than her fist) and don't send too much.
From what I've observed working in a school, smaller amounts are eaten better. For example, maybe a half sandwich, fruit cup or applesause, 2 baby carrots (mine loved baby carrots), or cheese stick and cookie (1). It doesn't sound like a lot to some, but she is in kindergarten and isn't going to eat much when she can visit with friends. Its better to send too little so she can ask for a bigger lunch than to send too much and have it wasted. Afternoons at most day cares kids are given an afternoon snack after school and if you 're a stay at home mom you can too. 1/2 and apple ( or small lunch size) sliced and served with a little peanutbutter if she's not allergic to peanuts. It does get better!

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