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  • Interesting idea Ellen, using an old water heater to store water. Sterilizing water & containers is why I don't buy scented bleach.

    DD1 made an odd comment yesterday. "We've been using a lot of our stock lately". I almost replied "well, duh!". Instead I told her that is what it is for, stock up when it is super cheap so you don't have to pay full price when you need it.

    I've been using free body wash in the hand soap pumps have enough for at least 6 months. Have 1-2 yrs on shampoo/conditioner, laundry soap, sanitary napkins, paper towels. 4-6 months on toilet paper. I have paper plates, plastic silverware and cups that we could use in an emergancy saving water by not washing dishes.

  • We are low on some preps ourselves. Gave some of our food stock to relatives because they have so many mouths to feed.

    Good idea regarding the old water heater.

    We are sadly lacking in things such as paper plates, cups and plastic ware.

    But, on the bright side we have a trunk full of candles for lighting, as well as oil lamps. Would like to buy a kerosine heater though.
  • As i agree with many i'm already restocking getting more wood for the woodstove as we go into the woods and cut more up stocking more for next year also got more candles and we have coleman lanterns as well as their camping stove.I'm finding good sales and using coupons to save more and we have people around here who just give things away so i keep my eyes open as i get alot of nice things that way.Planting a nice garden this year and i have ordered the patio fruit bushes like blueberries,strawberries,a dwarf apple tree and a dwarf orange tree.As far as water we have a spring and the water is so cold they keep it very well maintained so i go and fill up containers there i store them in my basement which is a family room/game room,when i want it i take a pitcher down and fill it up as i love spring water.
  • I am working on our stock of toilet tissue. I have let it get pretty low. I am also buying shampoo and hair gel when I get coupons. Same for toothpaste. I need to work on my supply of alcohol, wipes, antibiotic ointment, etc. I have quite a stock of some foodstuffs, but am adding to it. When I see things we use on a really great price, like canned goods, I try to buy it by the case. We have a good supply of home canned jams, and also home canned honeycomb. I have quite a stock of dried beans and rice, but I plan to add to it. A few years ago I made a stockpile list of food and non-food items, but it was so daunting, I almost gave up. I have continued to get some things, but I intend to get much more serious about it in the next 3 months. Not stockpiling in a large way anything that must be frozen or refrigerated, in case gas or electricity is disrupted.

    Any suggestions on disposable plates, etc? I don't know whether to go with paper plates that can be burned, or plastic or styrofoam, which can't be recycled.

    Also, any information on making candles from beeswax?
  • If you wouldn't wash the plastic plates to reuse I would go with the paper myself. I can't stand stryofoam products personally.

    I'm fairly well stock on many things but I know water will be an issue.

  • Styrofoam is the cheapest so I would stock on cups for that. The cups will hold heat which means it would keep soups hot longer and can also be used for cereal or of course coffee. I would mainly try to concentrate though on paper bowls I buy mine at Aldi's $1.99. I forget what the count is on it but not a bad price. I also buy my paper plates there.. I buy the sturdier ones not those el cheapo ones that are so flimsy.. they look sturdy in the pkg. til you take one out and see how flimsy they are.

    I also take advantage at places like Donatos if I buy a pizza I ask for paper plates to go with it. They are sturdy and free. I keep most of my paper supplies in tall popcorn tins that they fit down in. Get a mouse or rat in the house and they can and will eat your paper plates. Styrofoam would make good nesting material.

  • Roberta and Anna, thanks for the input. Those are my concerns, although I hadn't though about styrofoam being good nesting material. I may get some of all of them--paper and plastic for plates, and styrofoam for the cups. Hmmm, nesting material--I don't know if I want that, though!

    I have been working on my stockups this week. Wow--it would be very easy to spend a lot of money on this!
  • Laura you might want to check out the rebate apps. I've started a thread to help people understand them more. Not all require a smart phone just the ability to scan and upload the receipt. Last week they had rebates on Hefty products. Some rebates are store specific like Walmart, Home Depot, etc. but most are good at any store.


  • Roberta, thanks for the info. I don't have a smartphone, so I didn't think I could use these. I will have to look into it. I am anticipating a lot of stock up buys, so it might well be time.

    Has anyone experimented with a homemade solar cooker? They look simple to make, and in this Arizona desert weather, they should work really well. I know you can buy them, but they are very pricey, and for that amount of money, we could buy a lot of food and supplies.
  • Good morning all!!

    Laura, no I have never used a solar cooker.

    In addition to water, and all the canned goods, I was thinking about cleaning, so how about hand sanitizer, and wipes for personal cleaning when a shower isn't possible? I also always keep an extra container of corn starch baby powder (because I like that baby powder smell) to keep a little extra dry when it is humid.

    I keep a pack of wipes in my fridge too - for in the summer when I come in from yardwork and want something cold on my face. Very refreshing.

    I added a couple of cans of beans that can be turned into veggie burgers quickly or mashed slightly to be put into burritos.

    Take care all!! Norma