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  • We have a foot locker (trunk) full of candles. We also have oil lamps, but need additional oil for our preps. We have a few of those dynamo flash lights that do not take batteries.

    We do use batteries for items at times, but would prefer not to rely on them since they won't last.
  • Thanks Norma, I will have to stop and get the D batteries there.

  • Hi Ladies,

    Not too long ago I was able to buy two very large cans of powdered cheese at our discount store. The huge cans only cost me $3 dollars a piece.

    We also recently bought a huge amount of Organic food at this same discount store for a fraction of what it would normally cost. To bad they don't always carry lots of food items, it is kind of a hit and miss deal.

    How is everyone doing with their preps?
  • I got a new deep freezer a cpl. weeks ago and have been trying to fill it with meats. Now that winter is here less worries about it spoiling if we have a long term power outage.

    At the thrift store 2 weeks ago? I bought several extra blankets for winter use, need to put one of those in our SUV for winter in case we would break down especially as we are planning a road trip soon 124 miles away driving through a lot of country roads, who knows how long it might take AAA to rescue us. Fingers crossed no heavy snows in Ohio that weekend, a lot of that country area is 2 lane roads with no one businesses around for miles and miles. A lot of Amish farms but way too far off the road in some areas for us to get to a warm place.

  • Along with a blanket and flashlight in the car keep some water and energy bars or trail mix in a cooler to keep from freezing so you can keep up your energy while you wait or if you have to walk a distance for help.

  • Good idea Roberta

    I will be taking a thermos of coffee with me along with Pepsi for dh and snack stuff.

    Walking with dh's handicap is out of the question, which is why I really don't like to travel in the winter.

  • 2015 I'm going to investigate the coupon rebate apps. There are now 10 of them according to kcl.
    How I'm Couponing in 2015 - The Krazy Coupon Lady

  • Good afternoon!!

    I was in Family Dollar and came across their clearance food section. I think they just aren't carrying what I found anymore because the dates were at least a year away.

    I picked up the last 2 cans of crushed pineapple (I will use this summer to make ice milk), 2 bags of dried mango - great for snacking at work, and a 1 oz. bottle of almond extract. The extract was $1 for that bottle.

    So I am stocked on a few more things which add variety to my diet.

  • Was at the health food store the other day and bought some rice on discount.

    How are the preps going for everyone else?
  • We have been using up old canned goods and able to come across some pickles made two years ago. I hope our garden this summer is prolific so we can stock up some more.

    When I cleaned out the laundry room last weekend I realized we won't need health and beauty things for quite awhile.

    We do need to replenish our dried milk supply but I've been able to use some tinned milk gotten on sale and stocked up.

    Dh has been diligent about bringing wood home so we are good for heat except we will also buy about two tons of coal for the following year, we like to keep one year ahead on our home heating supplies.

    Dh and I have been discussing how to use the old water heater to store water for a backup supply. We put it outside before we thought of it, so the glass liner might have cracked in this cold. We'll have to check it out. Water is my bigger concern, we do have a friend with a well but the water would need sterilization.

    For lighting we still have some solar panels to set up, hopefully this spring.