2016-2017 Prayer Corner

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  • Continuing the Prayer Corner!

    Prayer Corner - Aug 2016

    This thread is for posting prayer requests and praises! Participants in this thread will
    receive the Prayer Partner icon in their awards showcase.

    It doesn't matter if your needs--or your praises--are big or small. Sorrows shared are
    sorrows halved, and joys shared are joys doubled. The Prayer Partners here consider
    it a gift to be able to remember their friends in prayer each day.
  • Prayers for all concerns spoken and unspoken.
  • Blessings and prayers for the sick and needy.....God bless....

  • prayers and blessings for all

    prayers needed for a young wife and mother, Christine Cawley.. She had a massive heart attack a week ago and while she's made strides in her recovery she's still in CCU and very scared, as is her husband. Thanks in advance..

    Take care all,
  • My prayers are with all.

  • Prayers and blessings for all recent requests, both spoken and unspoken.
  • prayers for all
  • PRAYERS FOR Christine for a full recovery.
    Blessing and prayers for the sick and needy. God bless....
  • Prayers and blessings for all.
  • My prayers are with all.