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Sweet Magnolia 05-31-2011 05:47 AM

Renee's(RenJac) family was in a wreck last evening about 5. Her husband had to be care lifted to Wichita with cracked ribs and hips and a collapsed lung. Her son has several cuts and bruises but also got glass in his eye and it's cut. She has to take him to an optomologist today. Please pray for Renee and her family.

Jerry didn't have a good night last night, we were up most of the night. He's having more pain in his abdomen. Please continue to pray for him.

My prayers are with all my FC family, the military, all spoken and unspoken requests, and those affected by the weather and flooding. May God bless and be with each of you.

Sweet Magnolia 05-31-2011 05:48 AM

I just found out they've had to put a breathing tube in Renee's husband. He is breathing on his own some but they put the tube in to make it easier on him. She appreciates your prayers.
Hugs, Paula

VicRae 05-31-2011 05:58 AM

Prayers for all request of needs spoken and unspoken for.

May God bless all friends and soon to be friends.


CalGalInFla 05-31-2011 06:06 AM

Prayers for Renee's family and for Jerry. And for all of us on FC and beyond.


bluebird 05-31-2011 07:37 PM

Praying for Renee and her family. Also for doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Praying for all my wonderful FC sisters and their families. Thanking God for each one of you.

Keep me in your prayers, I had a strange day, am feeling a little down.

apricot 05-31-2011 09:19 PM

Prayers for Renee, Jerry and Bluebird.

Prayers for the spoken and unspoken.

seleach 05-31-2011 09:29 PM

Prayers for Renee and family.
Prayers for Jerry.
Prayers for Connie.
Prayers for our military.
Prayers for all concerns spoken and unspoken.

Ds's cancer treatments has messed up his hearing. He had to have a hearing test today. Don't know at this point how bad a problem it is. But he didn't need this. Another problem to deal with.
Thank you all for your prayers.

stellajean66 06-01-2011 01:25 AM

Prayers and blessings for all recent requests, both spoken and unspoken.

RobertaD 06-01-2011 04:59 AM

My thoughts and prayers are with all this day.


happymomof4 06-01-2011 05:21 AM

Prayers for the spoken and unspoken.

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