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trekmom 11-14-2011 06:10 PM

Haley's Grandmom-your dd so has my prayers to help her deal with this and help her heal from this..
blessings and prayers for all asked and unasked concerns

Sweet Magnolia 11-14-2011 09:08 PM

Oh Colleen, I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I will be praying for her and her family as well as you. Thank you for an ear to listen.
Joyce, it is heart breaking to hear about your daughter. My prayers will be with her, your granddaughter and with ya'll. Please keep us up to date on her.

Roberta, have ya'll heard any more from your MIL? All of ya'll are in my prayers. Please keep her up to date on her.

Trek, how did things go for your DH?

We had to go back to Jackson today to pick up some medicine for Jerry. If you can please speak to your congressman and senators to try to stop Senator McCain from cutting back on Veteran's benefits. Senator McCain is a Veteran himself but has turned his back on all Veterans and service members in this country.(Jerry's words) You can read about this in the October issue of Army Times magazine.

They will be doing the endscopy and the colonoscopy on the 29th. He will be put to sleep while they are doing it. He should be under for about 1 1/2 hours. Please continue to pray for him. They are still planning to do surgery on him the first of the year. In December, they are planning on doing a couple more tests on him, I'm not sure of the name of them.
My prayers are with all today and always.
Hugs, Paula

RobertaD 11-15-2011 05:26 AM

Paula, MIL is now in "comfort care" basically just giving her iv fluids and pain meds. It is a waiting game now.


LaurieS 11-15-2011 06:04 AM

Paula, praying for yr DH.
My DH is a Vietnam Veteran and yes he knows about McCain. I can't believe that he turned his back on service men. This is going to come back and haunt him.

Haley's Mom, paying for yr DD.
Colleen and Roberta praying for yr friend and MIL.

VicRae 11-15-2011 06:28 AM

Continued prayers for all needs and concerns. Hope all of our congress people finally come to their senses.


stellajean66 11-15-2011 08:09 AM

Prayers and blessings for all recent requests, both spoken and unspoken.

Bernice 11-15-2011 12:50 PM

It has been awhile, but my Twin sister is cancer free! Rejoice! Rejoice! Prayers to all in need!

trekmom 11-15-2011 01:27 PM

have yet to hear if contact has been made with the person(s) believed to be dh's birth family, still praying about that.
My uncle, who was injured in a fall last week, passed last night.. the family had been told he was improving and he had been moved to a regular room; he kept telling them that he felt real bad.. he took a turn for the worst last night. Prayers needed for the family-we're possibly going to have a war over wills/inheritance..cousin against cousin (not even brother against brother).
Praises that Dad is doing well, even during this time of losing his brother.. he now has one sister left-younger than him..

prayer being sent for all asked and unasked needs

HAPPY6 11-15-2011 02:18 PM

Prayers for all the sick .....Praying for a cure for ALL cancers.......Blessings and prayers for he sick and needy.....God Bless.....

Pag36 11-15-2011 03:18 PM

Paula I totally agree with Jerry. McCain has turned
his back on us. And like I think LaurieS said this
will come back to haunt him. I hope it does not
go thro'.
Been out today with Stacie and am tired

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