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stellajean66 08-07-2016 06:22 AM

Prayers and blessings for all.

RobertaD 08-07-2016 07:01 AM

Membership is not required.
Samís Club is once again offering free health screenings on Saturday, August 13, 2016 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m..
The health screening tests being offered include: glucose, total cholesterol, HDL, risk ratio, blood pressure, body fat percentage, vision screening/testing, and hearing.


cau 08-07-2016 11:05 AM

Roberta thanks

Praying for blessing for all

VicRae 08-07-2016 06:57 PM

Continued prayers for all needs and concerns.


danstigerangel 08-08-2016 03:27 AM

My thoughts and prayers are with all.

stellajean66 08-08-2016 03:36 AM

Prayers and blessings for all.

apricot 08-08-2016 08:47 AM

Thanks Roberta. Wish we had a Sam's Club here. I could really use the free vision part of that.

Prayers for all concerns, spoken and silent.

seleach 08-08-2016 09:34 AM

Prayers for all concerns.

seleach 08-08-2016 09:45 AM

This thread is now closed. Please join us here. Thank you.

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