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  • Welcome to the Prayer Request thread.

    Here is the link to get you back to the #5 prayer thread that is now closed:
  • A prayer request: for a young man named Pete, who last year (just after his wedding) found out he has leukemia. They have tried everything. Now they are halfway across the country, where he had a bonemarrow transplant, but now has pneumonia.
    The rest of his family (mom, 2 brothers and a sister) are all here--they are working on getting to him. Things are not good. Please keep Pete, his wife and his whole family in prayer.
  • Thanks Tami... just subscribing
  • Subscribing.
  • Barbszy..will keep Pete and his family in prayer..I know what they must be going through at this time...praying for his speedy recovery from the pneumonia and that the bone marrow transplant is successful and received well by his body..
  • Lynnette, I'm sure this isn't a nice thing to pray for but I pray that "animal" goes away for a very long time. Sounds like he'll never change.
    And many prayers are being said for Pete, that his pneumonia clears up quickly and he can get home to his family.

  • Today I- was in the prayer thread... got lost and ended up reading the first post instead of the newest. It was a post from "Sweetmaggie." A prayer request about her relationship with her parents and herself. I just wanted to say what a blessing it was for me to read this and see what sincere compassion was displayed to her. I also saw that her mom-in-law is Teresa... what a lucky gal! Has anything been resolved between her & her parents sinse her prayer request went out? I don't even know how long it was posted. What a wonderful place to pray for others and know that others care!
    Love & prayers to you all~ TeAnn
  • Just checking in.

    barbszy will be praying for Pete and his family.
  • I wanted to subscribe before I got lost again, due to my busy schedule. But, I'm probably not any busier than anybody else.
    My heart and prayers go out to you all this day. May you all be blessed in the things you need.
  • Barb praying for Pete that he can recover from pnemonia and have that much needed bone marrow transplant.

    I will have to go back and read the last thread to get caught up but know everyone here is always in my prayers. I got a little behind with Mike leaving.

    Just want to thank all of you for your prayers for Mike and others overseas. I got a phone call today from him and ihe is okay. Took 2 full days of travel to get there. Looks like he will be very busy over the next 6 months!

    Hugs Debbie