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  • just got off the phone with John as I called up there to talk with him and to wish him a Happy New Year....
    he says that he feels like a truck ran over him, they are re-doing cat scan, and many other test that they already done, I do not understand why they are re-doing them, and why they cannot find out what is wrong...

    I pray it not cancer, as he does have skin cancer.... they said they would not discuss any findings with me over the phone no matter who I am... and I'm here with the babies...

    I've just got to put all this in GOD"S hands and know whatever GOD is in charge and knows best.....

    Patti, the reason there are a few friends here that doesn't like to read certain things on the board, but prefer to hear it thru a emial first.... I can understand what they are sayng but I just knew I had to get it on the board....

    I can say I brought in the New year with Family Corner.... Patti was my last person I pm with in 04 and Linda Lou was my frist person to email with in 05..... so Family Corner here I sat to bring in the New year... don't feel like Parting....

    John didn't sound good at all.... he sounds so weak....
  • Bar-bar was just about to head to bed but thought I had better check the threads once again, I'm so glad I did. I am so sorry to hear about your DH's health. I hope that they find the source of his pain and can help to ease his discomfort. You both have been through so much, you are both in my closest thoughts and prayers. I can not even imagine what you are feeling or going through right heart is breaking for you. I'm glad that your GD is providing a distraction for you right now. I think her living with you will be helpful to both of you. Please keep us posted and please take care of yourself!! Also saying prayers for Mike , Carrie and Bev.

    Linda Lou I'm sure it must be very hard to watch your dad as he slowly prepares to go to heaven. I too hope that if this is gods plan that he takes him quickly so he does not have to suffer anymore. You and your family are in my prayers as you deal with this final stage of his life. I hope you are able to spend some time with him and relive some special memories. Thinking of you in the days to come.

  • barbar - I am so sorry to hear that John is in the hospital and not doing well. I sure hope they find out soon exactly what is wrong with him. ON the other hand I am happy that you now have your granddaughter. Will send prayers your friends way too.

    barbszy - very glad to hear that your father came thru his surgery and very well too!

    Linda Lou - will keep your father and you in my prayers too. It is very hard to let a loved one go but at times it is best when they are in pain that cannot be taken away.

    As always keeping all requests of my FC friends in my prayers!
  • Barbar, I feel blessed to have been your first person to chat with in the new year !
    God knows each of our joys and sorrows. He also knows those whom we need in our lives, and I know that he has put each of us here for a purpose. I thank God for each of you.
    Thank you for your prayers.
    My dh is on his way home from work. I am praying for God to watch over him. There will be people who have been drinking out on the roads driving tonight.
    May each of you and your loved ones be safe.
  • Bar_bar and Linda Lou, I am keeping you both especially in prayer today.

    Also for Maryann (Raggd3) who should have a new grandbaby by now!

    DebK, I will be praying for a 2005 miracle for you; I hope that the year brings you improved health. The same is true for Kellydid, bensmom and any of our other friends here who are suffering from health problems.

    My dad has been informed that he will heal just fine IF he stays OFF HIS BICYCLE! He was not happy to hear that! The doctor thinks that he got back on the bike too soon and that caused the complications that made yesterday's surgery necessary.
  • Prayer Partners/Prayer Requests- 3
    Good Morning and Happy New Year to all of you. I am heading to church shortly (to open up the new year) and will be praying for all of you. Our church closes out the old year and opens up the new year, I did not have transportation so could not go to the closing yesterday which made me sad but could not be helped and God knew why I was not there.

    Have a good weekend all and stay warm or cool if that be the case where you are. God bless
  • Barbar, So sorry to hear of Johns problems. Hospitals have to be careful what they say and who they say it to. I understand that it is hard that they will not discuss anything with you knowing good and well who you are but people know days are so tricky. Theh Hospital is just covering its tail. And that is a shame because of situations like yours where you are taking care of children who obviously can not go into ICU. What are you suppose to do. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

    I also continue to pray for everyone here.

    Thanks for all the prayers for my eye surgery on Thursday. I t went fine and I am seeing better. Still a little blurred and they may have to do it again on the right eye because they think it was under corrected. I will fine out more on Thursday when I go back for another follow up visit and all of the swelling has gone down. I see clearer everyday.

    Wishing everyone and happy new year.
  • Prayer Partners/Prayer Requests- 3
    We were very blessed here when both my Mom and Otto were in hosp several times each that they allowed us to take Adam as well as Kari into ICU and CCU to see who ever happened to be in at a given time. Adam is now 16 this month and Kari will be 25 in May, we lost both Mom and Otto Jan and then Oct of '95. I can never say too many good things about Mary Immaculate Hospital. They were wonderful and continue to be so today.

    Will continue to pray for your John.
  • First off, jsut wanted everyone to know that my dgd, Gabby, came home fromt he hospital Thursday evening. She's doing well. Her pneumonia is gone and the tubes in her ears are doing well too. Thank you all for your prayers.

    Bar-Bar-definitely do as Coll suggested and make sure the doctor checks out John's gallbladder. It took over a year but my dad finally decided to have a CAT scan his stomach doctor had been wanting for quite a while. He'd been having such pain off and on and no one could figure out why. He'd been to the ER several times, to his doctors again and again-he has a defibulator/pace maker, kept thinking it was something to do with his heart. Turns out he has gallstones. The doctor and my dad decided to leave it alone unless he decides he doesn't want to handle the pain anymore. But he does go for periods of time without any pain at all, so I guess it's liveable for him right now. I hope and pray they figure out what's wrong soon.
    I'm also glad that your dgd will be able to live with you right now too!

    Nancy-I pray the doctors will figure out what's wrong with you as well. As I PM'd you I can think of at least a couple of things it could be-I hope it's neither but at least once you know you'll be able to make a plan of action. BTW, you haven't been bitten lately by a spider maybe?? or gotten a tick bite(even though it is winter)?? Make sure the doctor looks for any and everything-just like they need to with Bar-Bar's dh.

    Also in my prayers tonight-Pag36, motherof2, barbszy, Linda Lou,
    theirmom and everyone else with requests-also everyone who didn't put in a request.
    I feel so blessed to have so many online friends to call on for prayers or just to talk to when the need arises.
    Take care all,
  • Prayer Partners/Prayer Requests- 3
    Thank You Pam, we can all use prayers. My friend JD is still with us which amazes everyone. But guess God is not ready for him yet. Happy New Year all