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tashablueyes 07-11-2004 01:35 PM

I also did not intemd to go, last night I decided I would take the morning off from church and just enjoy my morning. But about 10 minutes before we would have had to leave for church I just decided out of the blue to go. Emmy and I were late, but it was a great service about our missions people and it was awesome, in fact they had the gentleman come and play for us who does the music for "Touched By An Angel" he did " Murder She Wrote" and several other things, and it was just incredible to see how wacky and excited he got while he was offering praise to God. He was just cool to see and listen to.

debknechtel 07-11-2004 01:41 PM

Good afternoon everyone:)

Hope everyone is having a glorious day. It has been a beautiful sunny weekend here in Ontario and I am enjoying spending it with my family.

Got my computer back.....400 dollars later...ouch!!! There is still a chance it might crash again :( but at least the technition will put the money towards a new system if that happens:rolleyes:

I've been trying to catch up on everyones postings I can not believe how much I missed in 1 week:eek: I kept everyone in my prayers today and realize just how much I have to be thankful for when I hear all that you ladies are going through in your lives.

I've heard a few others mention that their dh's don't join them when they go to church or that they just have no faith or very little. My hubby has some faith....not much. I get very frustrated when it comes Sunday and he always finds an excuse not to come:( It is starting to be a problem where my kids are concerned beacuse they will ask" how come we have to go if dad is not?" I want my kids to make a choice later but right now I want them to have a foundation so they can make that choice wisely when they mature. I hate forcing or bribing them to go. They all believe in our lord god but don't feel that church is necessary. They are still very young, 10,8 and 6 (my 6 yr old will go willingly). Any of you had to tackle this problem ....any suggestions would be appreciated.!

Well i really wish I could come through this computer screen to all of you and give you a great big hug. You are such a strong group of christian women who all deserve the best life has to offer. I will keep all of you in my prayers and hope that they will be answered soon. Take care


bar_bar 07-11-2004 02:14 PM

good afternoon,
well we didn't make it to chruch, this week has been such a hectic week, and we are planning on going tonight.

Our sister Lynette has started a new thread over at

and asked me to post the link to it...
It about Stormy to write notes to it too hard for her to keep track of all the threads, and this is to send out our love, our prayers to her....

Lynette is better explaining that I am about Stormy... so I will leave that part to her.

please drop by and let Stormy know you are thinking of her and praying for her...

Trainlady, in case you are reading, know you will be missed by us.. and stay in touch with me... if you need prayes let me know and I can post them for you dear.

I also want to mention if any of you not received from your secret sister I'm so sorry to hear this, but I do want to know... well I do know sort of, but want to hear from you too.. if you not send out cards or something please do so....
will be posting this at every site I'm on.... so I'm NOT just picking on you or saying you NOT send out, but I want everyone where I go this to be seen... as I want every secret sister to receive, and I do not know what threads people that are NOT sending may be reading, as we have lots of folks that reads and not Post. which is alright.

I also have anothe prayer for a young lady ( well I'm not going to give out a name ) she said I could ask for prayers for her... she has a heart problem, but not comfortable in asking for prayers for herself, because where she is in her life with GOD... and feels bad about asking for prayers due to feeling like she a hypocrite because she is a atheism. She also has choose not to have surgery but to live her life to the fullest, and I know today she was having lots of pain.
she also need prayers that for finances to pay dr bills, etc., to get insurance... she just need to be coved in prayers.

I've told her GOD loves her no matter what. it a free choice she has to make, the decision. and it was like a parent with thier child, they love them even if they make mistakes, as it doesn't take that love away from them. and they are right there still, waiting for the child to grow and to learn, but the parent love is still there....

so please keep her in your prayers... along with Stormy....
for Carol ann to get a keyboard to be back with us, for momofjean and her mother, to pray that all secret sistes will get something from thier secret sister.

I pray that all of you will have a wonderful blessed day....

ethansamuel 07-11-2004 02:15 PM

WELCOME BACK DEB!!! We missed you bunches and bunches! :daisy:

I wish I had something really inspiring to say about the dh's that have a hard time committing to church. I know they say they don't have enough faith but I don't think faith has very much to do with it. It is a committment. It is a committment I myself have had a hard time making in the past. I came from a family who did profess to be Christians but rarely went to church. I have now come to the realization that they believe IN Christ but don't believe ON him. They don't rest on promises and don't bear the fruit of a Christian. My dh is the one who has encouraged me all along to stay faithful @ church. We go Sunday am for Sunday School and Church service then Sunday evening for service then on Wed. Evening for Prayer service and Bible study. I have A LOT of people think we are nuts for going to church that much. I feel like if I'm not willing to make the Lord first in my life then is he really my Lord...Lord OF my life. My parents use the excuse that they are uncomfortable in church because of the social aspect yet they go to all of my Dad's airplane stuff where they meet people they don't know and they go to all of my Mom's art stuff where they meet people they don't know so it is really just an excuse. We don't like to be in church because we feel convicted when we are there. We have to be willing to say OK Lord...You have pointed something out to me where I am wrong. I have to swallow my pride and work on that problem area. We ALL have problem areas. I admire Train for standing up and saying the computer was interfering with her priorities and for her being willing to give up something she loves to put God first. Are we for him or against him. There is no middle ground. Our pastor talked today about the second coming of our Saviour Jesus. If he spoke to us and told us he would be back @ 7:00pm tonight would our life change. What would we spend the afternoon doing? Watching TV...Mowing the would we be calling our family and our friends that don't know the Lord and pleading for their salvation. Since we don't know the "hour nor the day" shouldn't we spend each day as if he could come before we take our next breath or our next step. Doesn't that then mean that if we have the chance to be where two or more are gathered to be with Jesus and fellow believers for strength and encouragement and joy then shouldn't we be there even if it means cutting back or giving up a hobby or rest or whatever there is between us and the Lord. The things of this world are but temporary...the car will be gone, the house, the $$$ in the bank, the clothes in the closet...have we laid up our treasure here on earth where moth and rust do corrupt or have we laid our treasure up in heaven? The beginning church in Acts met every day of the week. They encouraged one another. Shared what God was doing in their life. Has the Bible said anywhere that in the 21st century it will be ok to go only a little or should we be using the early church as an example? my soap box...I have been learning a lot about myself lately...especially since being back on FC and having the blessing of this prayer thread. I hope I have not offended anyone but I feel very strongly about what committment to Christ should be. Especially since coming from a very uncommitted background. There is hope for the dh's that aren't coming. Pray for the veil to be lifted from their eyes and show them the good example of a committment to church and worship of our King with a body of believers. It worked for me.


Lynette 07-11-2004 06:04 PM

Welcome back, Deb!
At least you got your computer back in under 4 weeks! I thought I was going to go nuts with out my fc!!:-)

Sandra, you have said it so perfect! I was just thinking today as I helped with our youth group's fundraiser yard sale! Some people were actually just grabbing up STUFF! trinkets, and such that really don't much pertain to anything. And the wads of cash I saw in some wallets!!:eek:

I could shop like that very easily. I am a compulsive shopper and such a good thing I don't have near the income I did! But you know....God is awesome. Because we are really not that much worse off now then bringing home $4-500 when I was taking home $1500 every two weeks!

I have a praise. My best friend and I have been taking attendance at our church during the service every single week. We sit up in the balcony at the railing and go through a check off list of who's there and who's not! I keep record and whenever someone misses 3 weeks in a row, she and I will send out a card letting them know they were missed and that we hope all is well and that we WILL see them next week! (Clever how we slip that assuming WE WILL see you next week thing in, huh!!) If they are absent 4 weeks in a row, I give the names to Pastor and he visits along with the visitation people.

Well, we she and I started this because we are not wanting anyone, especially some baby Christians who have joined our church, to slip through the cracks. Even some who have been members for years feel as though they have gone unnoticed. Well, t'aint' gonna happen with this system! In addition to the attendance, she and I spoke with our dh's and here is what we have planned to do. 2 weeks per month, we will each invite to our homes, one couple/person/family that we know and one or two person/couple/family we don't and use that as a means of fellowship and connecting people together! Well yesterday was our FIRST event! She has already done it twice but I chickened out and then time frame was never working. But I bit the bullet last week and invited ayoung single guy in early 30's, my friend and dh (she'd been through this and I needed her for moral support!:-D ) and a you couple with 2 children 6 & 9 whom we don't know very well other than from church stuff and Tom has worked on their cars. Well, God blessed! We had a wonderful time! My meal was a hit, dessert was a hit and the fellowship over coffee afterwards was an even bigger hit! So I am praising God. Since Tom and I cannot have kids, we feel our home is not kid-friendly-no toys, etc. So.....This is what I have done. I went to Dollar Store. bought gift bags (2/1.00) 2 books of animal stickers, 1 package of pencil sharpeners, 2 sets of colored pencils and 1 large tablet of variety colors of letter paper, 2 packs of gum and that was my "welcome gift" to the children! You'd have thought I gave them cold cash!!!^^ For both the ladies I bought a pink and purple Aster plants. Found some gorgeous tissue paper an fixed up the containers they were in. For Mike, the single guy, I gave him a far of jam but the lid had a fabric circle cut from "guy" print and then a length of hemp tied around it to hold in place. I gave each of them a card scripture on the front and inside I put the day's date and thanked them for joining Tom and I for dinner and for being our guest in our home and for the wonderful fellowship. I had bought a journal not long ago because the price was right! and so Friday night I had written on the first page the day's date and that we'd invited the following people to come home after church for dinner and fellowship. Then I wrote that each guest was asked to write a message to us in that journal while visiting. After the last guest left 10PM!:eek: ;-) Tom and I sat on the sofa and read what they'd written! We were touched and yesssssssssssss I needed kleenex. Because the single and the young family wrote such awesome remarks and how God had blessed them through us!! So Thank You, Lord, for teaching me to overlook my meager furniture and extend a warm, homey invitation as people don't come to see your THINGS but to visit with YOU! Hope this gives some of you sister 'o mine some ideas!

debknechtel 07-11-2004 06:30 PM


What a wonderful idea!!!!I will have to see if our church would be up for something like that. I'm going to have to look more into all this journaling you do......i really think I would benifit keeping track of everything.

bar-bar will keep the young lady in my closest prayers tonight, hopefully she will allow god to come into her life.

Well goodnight everyone

god bless

tashablueyes 07-11-2004 06:39 PM

My suggestion for getting the kids to want to come? Get them involved in youth activities in your church... if there are none that are exciting for the kids, then start one, and if not "shop" around for churhes with great youth programs, it sounds a little excessibe to leave your church just because your kids don't want to go , but consider this, children are the future of Christianity, and seeing the kids and teens in our youth program is incredible and inspiring, and sooooo worth it! Invest in them.

debknechtel 07-11-2004 06:57 PM


Thanks....our church does not have a really active youth activities but I do send my kids to a few day camps (3 this summer) from different churches because I do wantr them to have that fellowship. When I was young I was so active in my youth group taking part in many rallies in Canada and the states. It is so hard here as we just don't have the kids or resources to have youth groups. Maybe I will look into trying to get one going this fall.....maybe I will get a good turnout


tashablueyes 07-11-2004 07:41 PM

I think that you could really minister to the young people around you. You could come up with things that are inexpensive that give them chances to fellowship... hot dog cookouts, outreach to the community, say for instance handing out popsickles from a cooler at a busy park and saying " Just sharing a little love from such and such church." Or cocoa in the winter... Or volunteering to host a story time at the library and read to kids. You could have Veggie-Tales-a-thons with big bowls of popcorn... whatever it takes to fellowship with each other and do something nice for the community, it is really empowering for teens, pre-teens and tweens. We used to Trick-or-Treat for cans to give to the local foodbank, and i can't even tell you how these kinds of things brought me back to Christ, when I hadn't gone to church for years. It was a way for my friends to entice me into hanging out at church stuff without feeling uncomfortable.Plus, showing them that there are practical things that they can do for the world as a Christian will inspire them to create things on their own, and really help them to bond and they will begin to cherish the time they spend together at church. Hopefully some of these ideas will give you some ideas of your own. I really am no expert at this, but I can tell you from my personal testimony that it was a friend at school who really helped me to get back into my faith and passion for Christ.

ethansamuel 07-11-2004 08:41 PM

Lynette...that is an awesome ministry...we have a thing @ our church called Fellowship 6 and 3 sets of couples or a combo of couples and singles gets together once a month for 3 months. We have made friends and heard testimonies from people we probably would have never gotten to know if it weren't for this set up. Also it's great that you guys see who hasn't come and just let them know they were missed. I think people often feel like a nameless face in a crowd and that's sad:(

bar_bar...I will pray for this young scary to go through life without the promises of the LORD in her heart.

Have a wonderful week...I may not be on much as this is our week for VBS.

Love in CHRIST,


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