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troubles_54901 05-25-2004 01:51 PM

billy is fine negitive was the blood test for the lime desease !!! thank god !!!!!

bar_bar 05-25-2004 02:41 PM

Tracy, so glad to hear all went well. ^^ ^^

Carol Ann... I think I am giving you my weight... as I'm losing ^^ ^^ ^^ even my son is noticing that I'm losing....

so continue to take it please.....

I'm thrilled to know you have gain another lb.. one lb = another lb= another= more weight to a healty Carol Ann ^^ ^^ ^^
prayers are being answered

Thank you JESUS for the prayers that are being answered.
Thank you that Billy is fine... continue to heal him.
Thank you for the extra lbs you are putting on Carol Ann our sister, and thank you for taking me to a jouney and for using my hands to write for you to tell of the experiences I've been thru, I pray that these will help others, and for those that said it has I thank you LORD for that.

I thank you for the e xtra lbs I'm losing.
be with this little boy, and the others that are hurting and in need of prayers.
GUI*DE us as we go thru the rest of the day and be with all those unspoken prayers.
thank you for lstening to us and for asnwering our prayers.

WE LOVE YOU and give you the honor and the GLORY
I lift up each one of these folks her on Fc no mattter if they are in this thread or not.

In JESUS name I pray these things and give thanks to

Linda Lou 05-25-2004 02:51 PM

Bar_bar, I am very proud of you for losing that weight. I struggle so badly with weight. I need to get serious again and start keeping track of what I am eating. I just don't do well going hungry. That seems the only way I can lose. So, pray for me, that I will find what will work to overcome this battle.

Good news that Billy doesn't have lime disease. Praise God.

I have been thinking of Jenna today. I pray she is well. Also, will keep praying for God's direction and provision for a job for Don.

Sure miss Lynette. It was nice getting the letter from her, though.

BrotherPat 05-25-2004 03:13 PM

Praise the Lord

For the answered paryers

Makes you want to jump up and shout THANK YOU JESUS

He is just so wonderfull

I always love hearing great news and praise reports......

Nothing like a testimony of healing.

:heart: :-D ^^ :) :stripes:

autumnmum 2002 05-25-2004 03:45 PM

(()) :heart: Thank you all, for your kind words. You are all in my heart, and I think of you all, every day. Being here, and sharing with you all, has made a whole new out look for me. I am so honored to call you "friends" ~ "family".

:heart: Today, in the mail, came the little booklet that I requested, "The Passion of the Christ" ~ I began to read and then finished it completely. I can't tell you just how 'moved' I am right now. Has anyone else read it? Has anyone seen the movie? It will be on my "to-do" list, for sure.

Carol Ann & :cat: :cat:

bar_bar 05-25-2004 05:33 PM

Carol Ann... there is a thread here on the religious forum about the movie .. and yes Jenna and I both has seen this movie...
check out the thread and learn more.

I'm working on another story... and it over the limit... it has to be shorter now... instead of 1000 they made it 750 the max....
I'm a talker... Lol, but I bet you couldnt' tell that....

IF GOD wants me to write this week, HE is going to have to make it work.

autumnmum 2002 05-25-2004 06:42 PM

(()) Thank you Barb. I found the thread and read throughout it. The movie is a "must" for me.

:heart: I have faith in you..... you will be able to shorten your next story. I will be asking to read it when done.

Carol Ann & :cat: :cat:

Linda Lou 05-26-2004 02:35 PM

I copied and am posting what my friend in Tifton said about the little boy:
Yes the story about the boy in Tifton is true, and the school was so good to him. Allot of the teachers (men) shaved there heads, the principal, and his father. His Dad works for Georgia DOT and allot of the guys did it there too. They were in all the papers, and on TV. His Dad gets his allergy shots here so we know him. Kinda neat to know it has been all over the US isn't it? The phone number does work and is toll free. I find it heart warming!

(My friend works at the allergy clinic there in Tifton. )

I will be leaving Friday with my husband on a trip to Idaho. We are driving, so please pray for our safety. Going to visit friends who moved there. Long story, but they went for a job and it didn't work out. Now it is looking as though they will be taking an assistant pastors postiton at a church there.

In case I don't get on here tomorrow, then you all have a blessed weekend. Hugs to you all.

bar_bar 05-26-2004 09:37 PM

when yo click to snoops it takes you to pictures of the little boy as well to the other pictures you were mention

Linday have a safe trip dear.. and we will be here when you get back.

You have a wonderful weekend too and check in with us once you get back home.

and thanks for the above post... I've made the call and you can hear the pastor and then youput the code in... I think it so cool
and it has to be warming the parents hearts.

lets make those phone calls ladies.

trainlady 05-27-2004 01:38 PM

Hello my friends!!

I have had the most FRUGAL, CHEAP, but BESTEST week I have had in a long time!!!!! We are having to really watch our money now that I am out of work but we have had lunch and dinner together every day for the past week. Keep in mind I worked overnights...meaning we shared maybe one or two meals together in an ENTIRE week!! My DH says "It is so nice to have dinner together and not have to get my food out of tupperware containes and microwave it!"
I have enjoyed JUST BEING HOME!!!...reading the paper, having my quietime in the backyard, watching TV (Though I admit I am a bit disappointed in Prime Time TV; turns out I wasn't missing that much after all!!)
I will have to look for another job. We do need the money. I have to get myself in the frame of mind to fill out applications again. It is very discouraging with the full realzation that so many other people are filling out the application for that SAME job. And most places, still, are not hiring at all. I have waited tables and have done activity aides jobs in nursing homes. I have enjoyed both. I have had to start jobs over so many times though due to my husband being transfered so much and that is frustrating.
So, for these days I get to "be Home" I will enjoy them!! We are going on a "date" tonight, a FREE park conert!!!!! YIIPPEEE..!!!!

Hugs, Donna :daisy: :daisy:

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