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  • I've been meaning to ask for prayers for one of my cats too! I usually forget to post by the time I read all the posts. My cat named Dodo (I had nothing to do with naming him.) has had an ongoing condition that is kindof rare. It is called rodent ulcers although it has nothing to do with eating rodents. It has been going on for about a year now & it just won't go completely away. For the last about 6 month we have been spending about $50 a month to get him shots that keep him feeling good. Dodo has been slowly improving (at it's worst, he couldn't eat because of the sores in his mouth & was very skinny), but it has been frustrating to watch his health go up & down & by now it is quite a drain financially.
    Also the other day someone apparently abandoned a dog out at our place. I live in the country & this happens occasionally. Usually I don't have a lot of sympathy for the dogs because I already have 13 cats that I take good care of. Dogs will try to eat their food & the cats are my first priority. Well, this dog seems to be old & have some eye trouble, but it is as sweet & calm as can be. I don't think it could fend for itself, but we just can't keep it. Pray that we will find someone caring to take it. And that we won't be too attached when it goes. Thanks!
  • I have been reading all your posts, just so busy with things that I have not had time to respond. I pray for you when I read the posts and during the day for those of you whom I feel the Lord has put on my heart.
    Ok, I have a new request. A lady named Stephanie has a brain tumor. She had one removed in Dec., but has a new one and they say it is inoperable. She was told these kind of tumors usually end in death in about 13 weeks.
    She and her husband, Scott, have a son that is severely autistic. He doesn't speak. Stephanie is having such a hard time, I guess she is doing things, like not being able to keep track of the little son all the time. Long story, but he got out of the house and was found by a police officer. I know God and His angels were watching over this little boy ! I may be wrong, but I think they have another child, too.
    I know Stephanie's aunt because we volunteer together at the county extension office. Her aunt, Sue, is so heartbroken over this news. Sue has such a tender heart and told me she would gladly trade places if she could and allow Stephanie to live in her place. Another story, but Sue is a survivor of cancer herself, and is a miracle of God's goodness.
    So, please pray for this dear family, that God will take care of them. My heart goes out to them.
    I wish I had more time to write about this, but I have to fix dinner now.
  • Hi Linda Lou!!
    Glad you were able to take a moment and check in and share your request with us. How sad! Will definately add her to my journal.

    I know about the "Time" factor. This weekend I devoted to myself and to Tom. We did a few things together, then as all men like to do, wanted to watch the races on TV this afternoon so, I cut out quilt blocks to make a "Lap quilt" to go with our bedroom colors. Am in the process of stitching it up now. But! Tom has progressed from the TV to the Kitchen where he is making a rhubarb pie from fresh rhubarb that a dear elderly couple had him cut today! Mmmm..........!!!

    Well have a wonderful dinner and evening. Will catch up to you later. Remember I will be praying for Stephanie and everyone else on this thread!

    Hugs and prayers,
  • hello my sisters in Christ...
    the friend of John's I want to report is alright at the moment... GOD healed him, what ever was giving him so much trouble back then... still not sure what was going on with his body.

    Our VBS turned out good. we had 10 kids the 1st night, then 14 kids, then 20 on the last night..
    I was able to have my gbabies there every night.

    I hope trainlady will post as she was on her Spiritual week this pass week...

    Friday I had a mom/daughter day with my daughter, and we both enjoyed it and needed it.

    Praying this weekend will be pretty where I can have another garage sale.

    John goes off to the doctor Tue for one test for the eyes, to see how things are going to know if he needs this special treatment or not... then we go back the following week for the shot in the eye,
    then we start the journey for the lung doctor, then the heart doctor then the surgeon to find out about the surgery... so we are on the trail to a long journey ahead of us. please pray for strenght and GOD"S will to be done in this situation.

    thank you for all of your prayers....
    LOVE YOU all...
    Bar Bar
  • I am concerned...
    about some of our "sisters" on this and other threads who may live in the states that have experienced all the tornados the last day or two! If you live in or around those areas, please check in with us and let us know you are okay. I just hate watching the news anymore!

    Let's continue to pray for our soldiers who are giving their lives (more lost today!) Lord, ya gotta come soon. We can't take much more! Here in our little city, we buried a fallen soldier Saturday. He was killed in an ambush and was only 21! Pray for his family. This was so hard on him and his buddies who never enlisted. It was a very touching ceremony.

    Hugs to all! Prayers go out to each who have requested them!
  • what saddness, parents suppose to go first not these babies... I'm sorry being 21 or 22 at times, are babies... YES they are men and women but in a parent's eyes they are babies.

    Red... how is that family with the kids doing? saddness again.

    carol tomorrow is weight time for you, hoping you gain the weight back, bless you big heart. LOL

    I've not heard no news.... but you are right, they are all over the places, and we have so many

    to our sisters, if you join the secret sisters, remember to do a daily prayer for your sister... I've received some emails that were very touching... and I know this is going to be a good thing...
    and we could make a difference in thier lives, by reaching out to them...
    May our light shine wherever we may be and whatever way GOD wants it to shine.

    I may not pos that much due to Secret sisters, but know I'm here in prayer....

    there is a link that Minny send me that I going to put here for this family that lost their son... or to whoever knows of someone in the service...

    a little girl started... she has family members over there in Iraq. Check it out. She will send a free Freedom Bracelet to all who ask.

    so please pass this link around to those you know who has someone in the service.... I asked Minny to post it on the thread... but since we are talking about service menand woman it seem to fit...

    thank you.

    OH keep Dreamweaver in your prayers for she is with her daughter, as relationship with her bf broke up

    also for Mustang... that girl gone thought surgery and posted her pictures over on the photo site... she going though alot and I feel she needs prayers.

    MKS GOD does care for animals too... hope yours is doing better.
    Cathy how is LOBO ?
  • Hi there Sisters~
    Hope all are doing well. I have a moment of spare time so thought I would check in and surf the boards.

    Carol Ann.....we hope to hear you had a successful weight-in tomorrow!! Be sure and let us know how you did! My! I don't think any of us have ever been so excited about weight GAIN until now! But we love ya and hope to see the pounds add up for you until you reach the desirable weight. After all since the rest of us cannot share our 'bountiful blessings' we will simply have to pray for yours. ;-)

    Bar-bar, I went to that web site you spoke of that Minny shared. That is a sweet little girl. I requested a couple bracelets and then I posted a "candle" message. She emailed me the sweetest note and signed it 'with God's blessings'! She is a doll! If you haven't checked it out already, please go to that site and then click on "candles" you will be touched to tears. This little girl has a heart of gold.

    Lisa...hon, I am so sorry about your breakup. Keep your chin up and we will keep you in our prayers.

    Barbara...I cannot remember what surgery Mustang had done. I read the posts and saw the pics but nothing told me what she had had done. Also, where is Tracy? Isn't she touching base on this thread nowadays? Still praying for Jenna and hope she receives my letter soon. Take care everyone....
  • Blessings to all of you today ! I am busy trying to organize some of my extension office papers. Whew... what a job.

    I have been praying for Jenna today, too, Lynette.

    Also, for the young mother, Stephanie and her family. Stephanie has a brain tumor.

    I am also looking forward to seeing Carol Ann's weekly weigh in post !

    Bar_bar is doing well with her weight loss. Proud of you, Barbara! Well, proud to call you sister, no matter what. Barbara, did you get the envelope in the mail from me yet?

    Lynette, any news about your Mom and a job ? Still praying for her. Also, praying for your new job search and for Tom's move of his shop.
    If I had extra buttons, I would send you some. If I come across some good deals, I will get them for you.

    Well, back to my paperwork. Not something I enjoy. I like the computer much better !
  • I just knew where to look... so you asked here it is
    from Mustang..
    Ear swelling is down. The type of surgery I had was cochlear fixes a deaf ear so they tell me. I guess I will find out when they turn it on next month on the 16th
    Thanks Sister Linda... I'm feeling better and strange at the same time.. My health with a digiestion problem was what cause me to start the weight years ago.. No matter what I did it would not come off.
    and my dr wouldn't give me nothing until I walked the amount he wanted me to which I couldn't because of my back and legs.
    Mostly it was my digiestion system.. I started to take over the counter stuff that someone told me about, that I hadn't seen before, and after about a year of taking the medicne
    the weight seems to be going by-by......

    praying for Jenna she been on my mind some time now.

    Linda Lou no I haven't but I didn't go to my mail box Sat or today yet... so will go tomorrow and check... thanks for whatever it is. YOU are a sweetie....

    Lynette how is things going in getting the new shop in order for the move in?

    and Mustang and Lisa doesn't come here I don't think... but seen them on other threads.. and at times my heart goes out to those that are on other threads that I post thier needs...

    HOPE that not gossipe for I dont want it to be.
    I just know there prayer warriors on here.

    we sure are getting some new folks here at FC if you not been to the Introduce Yourself forum lately drop in.
    located at:

  • Well, we would like to be a bit farther ahead than what we are, but I guess we just have to plug forward. Just wish I could land a good part-time job. The one at the hospital is gone. I needed to go through 3-months of training for it. But I am making some of those handbags and the button prints I emailed you and selling some of those for extra cash. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. Mom is still job searching as well. Market is very low right now.

    Barb....we need to chat. I will phone you sometime tomorrow. You are probably still up but I don't wanna wake John. Will call you in the a.m.!

    Thanks for the prayers, everyone and I am praying for each of you and your needs.