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  • Brother Pat, I wonder if Tami and Barb would let you slip in the door?????? Well, we shall see.... I ~ for one ~ would open the door for you. LOL


    Carol Ann &
  • I could always wear a disquise,


    Yes I would definately need a wig. LOL
  • There you go again..(((Chuckles)))

    Carol Ann &
  • Hmmm...

    I quess I would have to go by Sister Patricia you rekon??????
  • Bro Pat, if you want to join send me your information after you click onto the link, and we will make sure you get included in on this... MMMMM maybe we need to say in the leter MEN are WELCOME>>> what da you think.... ??????

    we will welcome you Bro Pat... waiting for you information.

    sure is good to see you back and know you are alive, but of course if something happen I would know you just be with JESUS.
  • Hi everyone..

    Just a note to ask you to keep LOBO in your prayers! For some of you I know the affection I have for my pets may seem a lil' silly, others understand how much I love him!

    I had gone to pick Memin up from his sister's house. Our niece had picked him up from work as I had been in Gettysburg for the day with our KINDLY CANINES group. While we were gone, LOBO must have somehow snuck past the kids and they didn't know he was out.

    About 3 pm we got a call at my sister-in-law's that LOBO had been hit by one of my best friends who happens to also be my next door neighbor. There was fur in her front licence plate. The impact was right in LOBO's abdomen area.

    They woman who had hit LOBO had stopped and was very upset. I appreciate the fact that she stopped and checked on my fur-baby! LOBO ran from the place of impact to the house and then didn't move. He was responsive and that was good. We placed him on a blanket and moved him. It was hard.

    By the time we got him to the vet he was in shock. His gums were bluish-grey and he had labored breathing. It didn't look really good. The vet gave him a quick shot of morphine to make him comfy and they took him back for X-rays.
    Meanwhile we (Memin, Angel and I ) prayed. Angel had gone to the truck because although he was really worried couldn't deal with any bad news.

    When Stephanie (our vet) came back in she was much happier with LOBO's condition. His gums regained color and his heart rate was normal.
    The X-ray's showed no internal damage and no internal bleeding! The vet gave him lots of fluids to help control shock and sent him home with pain reliever and an antibiotic! She also let us borrow his X-ray's in case of an emergency during the night.

    His is resting. He is still under the effect of the morpine. He will be sore I am sure. We are to watch his urine to be sure it is nice and yellow, watch his breathing, and gum color. Our vet will check him out again in a week.

    I am so relived that this was not worse. I know that the Lord hear our prayers!

    BTW, please also keep our vet and her family in your prayers. Her father had a heart-attack and she was taking her children to see him. Which is why we have the X-rays. Dr. Stratton will be taking over her cases while she is out of town.

    Thanks in advance
  • Cathy,

    LOBO and your Vet & her family are in my prayers.....

    This morning when I checked on LOBO he was still in the same position. He had maintained that position what seemed like forever!

    When I got up to get Memin coffee he was in a different position and then while I was up he suddenly got up and went to his crate. He also went to urinate!

    He is now slowly walking around, eating, and going to the bathroom.
    I just gave him his medicine to make him more comfy!

    It could have all been so much worse!
    I am so grateful that the Lord allowed him to heal!
  • Here is LOBO...he thinks he is a cat~


  • Cathy.... I am so happy to hear about LOBO... and GOD cares about the little things that we care for too.
    GOD gave us animlals to enjoy..
    We had another lady that wrote over in the Joy and concern about her cat...

    PS 37:4

    and I am glad to see you upbeat... when is that doctor appointment.? keep it....

    give Lobo a pet for all of his FC's friends.