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motherof2 08-10-2004 11:06 AM

latest on Tom
I also continue to pray for all the prayer concerns listed here as well as the joys. Hopefully we will continue to keep getting more joys and blessings and less concerns.

The update on Tom is better:)

Tom is doing good today. He sat up with physical therapy for two
>hours. They are fitting him with a brace for his leg as well as his arm.
>The doctors did not mention anything about the infection today to Starr.
>Also, there is no mention about when he's going home. They are giving him
>two more pints of blood today, and Starr is not sure why. The doctors don't
>seem concerned by it.
>Starr is going to work tomorrow and seems in good spirits. Thank you for
>your prayers. :clapp:

ethansamuel 08-10-2004 11:47 AM

Will be in prayer for Karen's Dad:(

Praises for Tom!:clapp: are you doing?

Lynette 08-10-2004 11:55 AM

Praise the Lord! So good to hear praises and especially about Tom who has been through so much! How is his son's friend doing, the one who hit him? I pray for him each day as well as this has got to be a tremendous burden!

Thank you for keeping us posted. And if you, Kay, would pm me your address, dh and I would love to send Tom a card and so would our little prayer team here. Thanks!


Coll 08-10-2004 12:21 PM

Just talked to my dad. The new hospital decided to go ahead and do my mom's surgery today. They will keep her overnight for observation and then she'll be moved back here to this hospital tomorrow sometime so her own doctors can watch and treat her. Please continue to pray that all goes well. Thanks,


boggsZ 08-10-2004 12:28 PM

Update on my Dad my sister just called and thay are going to admit him his heart doctor seems to think that one of his arterys my be blocked agian so there going to watch him and do a stress test in the morning. please keep him in your prayers his been through so much

bluebird 08-10-2004 02:29 PM

Tears of JOY!!! The doctors are amazed at ds! According to other fontan kids, serious heart problems by age 16. Then a revision, then a transplant, if they can have one. He is fine. I take this as a sign from God, that he will not need anymore surgery. I think God has answered our prayers.

motherof2 08-10-2004 03:20 PM

ggod news again for Tom
Things keep looking up for Tom. Again thanks for all the prayers and concerns from everyone here. I think it is wonderful that people will pray for someone they do not even know. Amen:jump2:

Here's the latest from Starr. The reason they are giving Tom blood is to keep his white blood count up. He slept really good and Starr says he looks good. They are giving antibiotics every 8 hours and she feels like they do not think the infection is under the flap.

The doctors haven't said for sure, but they are talking about Tom coming home, at the earliest, this weekend! This is wonderful news!

Thanks for everything and I'll keep you posted!

God bless you,

ethansamuel 08-10-2004 03:21 PM

Praise the LORD Connie! The power of prayer is so very evident in this situation. So glad you brought your request AND your praise to the prayer chain...God Bless You!!!


bar_bar 08-10-2004 05:40 PM

MsJReg I have your dd name down in journal... as well as you for this must be a big concern with you living so far away from her.

Lynette dear, glad your friend Barb's surgery went well and her dh is there with her.
Im I thought I had posted a post on the baby, but it not here. so it must not went thru...
thanks for showing us Caleb picture... it makes me think of how small Melissa was back at a baby, for she was 5.5 when she was born, forgot how small they were.
He precious. and praying for a GOD's hands to be on him as he grows.
Prayers works as these kids grow

motherof2 thanks for the update on Tom...

Karen thanks for the update on your dad... I pray all goes well for him.
many times these arterys gets blocked more than once, this happen to my real dad...
please keep us posted, and if you don't have the time to post, send the email to me and I will continue to post to help you out dear.
thinking of you as you go thru this with you dad.

bluebird Praise the LORD.... wonderful news...

Craftdly (Donna) if you are reading this please tell me how John fitting of his shoe yesterday go? been praying yesterday and was thinking of him and you today.

not sure how long my gdaughter will be in the one can see her but her mom due to the stress it leaves on her when they go... it hurts we cannot see her.

Please put my kid's step mom on your prayers, for she went to the hospital this morning... not sure what going on, and I saw her yesterday, she looked tired, but out of the blue she ended up in the hospital... the doctors knows she does have I think it called IBS and it has flair up but not sure what else... it testing...
Tammy and I are close sort of... at least we get along aliright. it shocks alot of people that we do get along, and talk on the phone and stuff and being who we are... step mom / mom... but we respect step parents...

Lynette 08-10-2004 05:53 PM

Wahoo! And thanks for your addy...Kay! I will get that card out tomorrow for you to pass on to him! THanks again.

Boggz and and your families are in my prayers! Just keep us posted.

PRAISE ALERT :clapp: Barb phoned me from the hospital. She is recovering very well and she is taking this opportunity to witness over there! Bless her heart! She said the doc came to talk with her this morning and said he couldn't understand it! Usually she is nauseated and sick for up to 3 days post surgery and today is day 1 post and NO nausea! He was also blown away because everything he knew from the symptoms she was having and the tests, most of that wasn't even there when he opened her up...he said it wasn't near as bad as he had thought it would be! He is totally STUNNED.... She, in her utmost blunt way, said "I'm not!" "Prayer.....people prayed for me! That's why!" So she has been witnessing all day so far! She has been up walking 3 times and before couldn't even CRAWL outta bed before the 3rd day! So she is doing well!!

:help: Now, here is a prayer request. All of you who have been here since around January will know her, those who came after may have heard us talk about her or you have seen her own thread..."Stormy's Thread" under the Religion Forum. Well, I talked for quite a while with her today! Please continue to pray that God will restore her to good health and soon.
She had a rare type of cancer and the only way to rid one of it is to remove every THING that it touched. SO this cancer was up under her chin against her jaw on the left side. She had a couple of surgeries to cut out parts of nerves, muscle, bones etc. where ever they saw flecks of that cancer they had to cut or drill to remove save her life! She had to have radiation (35+sessions) post surgery and that has caused her to loose sense of smell and taste. If she gets this cancer again she will -UNLESS A MIRACLE HAPPENS- more than likely not come out of it. They found some of the CA in her left ear so they had to drill in the canal near the drum. She is now deaf in that ear! They had to cut away pieces of nerves on the left side of her face, she can no longer blink automatically as we do, she smiles and only the right side moves, her left side is puffy and yet drooping and no movement in it. Much like a stroke patient. She has a severe case of vertigo now, she says at times she can be walking in the house and like thrown to the floor! So... the vertigo (technical term tenitis) is also causing her blurred vision which is causing nausea and then the bad pain in her face adds to all that! But the pain is good because doc says that means her facial nerves are slowly rebuilding/reconnecting themselves. They are going to do a surgery on the collapsed ear canal and see if it will give her hearing again. The most awesome thing about this is....her faith is stronger now than ever! She has not wavered from Christ at all and she praises him for how she looks and feels because she knows it is so much better than the alternative! She has even been making good some things from her life and so she feels God needed to take her down this path for those things that she is now making right! I praise God for her. I commend her for her faithfulness and spirit! She's my sis and I love her to death! Because of the severe vertigo and blurred vision, she cannot log on to FC and she is so disappointed about that. But she said when things smooth out a bit more, she will be back with her sisters in Christ!:clapp:

She said to tell all who know her, Thank you for all your prayers and cards and she loves you all and during all those months of bedrest and pain, she was thinking of and praying for each of us! She said we're all in her heart! :bawl: I need a kleenex!!!:bawl:

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