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  • ........... let the the postcard swapping continue.
  • Lisa I'm glad to see that although the weather was horrible that you at least got to catch up with family.
  • Thank you Kathy for the information, that there is a new thread for us to carry on posting.

  • Hi Fiona
    Are you up early or late, what's your time? It's 10.20 pm Thursday here.
  • Its 12.20pm here.

    So you are 10 hours ahead of us.

    Where are you in the World. I'm in Lancashire UK.

  • Th greatest place on earth Australia and a family who loves Red Dwarf, Monty Python, My Hero and many more.

    If you want to know where some one comes from look to the left of screen where your name and avatar is, it will tell you there
  • Lol, Kathy

    I would love to visit Australia, but its getting the money and the essential things I need to be able to go out of the country.

  • Reposted this
    Good Morning Ladies!!
    Wow.....I am gone a few days and this thread just keeps growing!! Welcome fiscal and will love it here. And will find there is no place like Family Corner for making tried and true friends.
    Bar Bar....I rec'd your card before I left and forgot to thank you for it I think! I am behind in my swapping but will try my hardest to catch up here this week. Get paid tonite so that should help.
    The weather has been frightful!!! Went to southern Indiana to be with my daughter for a few days and the weather did not cooperate. We didn't get to have her baby shower as it was nothing but ice Sunday and then snowed over that. I finally got out of there yesterday. My dd is doing much better. Went to the doc with her and got to see the baby on the cool!!! It is a girl they say...but to tell you the truth I couldn't tell what they were looking at in that department My dgd Shana is doing wonderfully! She is going to be 2 next month. Didn't get to see my other two grandchildren because of the weather. I have another gd that is 3 and a dgs that is 7. I talked to them on the phone tho.
    It is only 5 degrees here in northern, Indiana the morning....BRRRRRRR!!! Roads are still pretty slick.
    Hugs to all!
    BTW.....Fiona I love your sig and yours too Minny!!

    I reposted this since I was the last one on the old thread....Didn't want to have to rewrite it.

  • Good Afternoon!
    Thanks Kathy for PCFA 4...nice to see us still gabbing and having fun...I am ready to trade postcards?

    What does everyone collect? And if you want to swap let me know by pm...

    Take care,


  • Janet,

    That is wonderful. I love the picture hun. I want to move to Michigan now, as UK is getting boring lol.