Postcard Corner - 12

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  • We're continuing our postcard swapping here!

    If you're new to postcard swapping, read this thread for more information.

    Enjoy your opportunity to correspond with friends all over the USA and beyond.
  • whom ever wants a post card from me just put your name and adress on my email and ill send a postcard to u
  • WOW 12!
    Just subbing
  • Hi All,
    I am here can't get rid of me LOL.
  • Bilby, That pc got there fast. Sometimes it takes a month for my mail to get to Australia and other times it zips through in a week.

    Crafty, Glad you're still here.

    I didn't get my U.S. pc's addressed yet but got stamps so I'll be sending some out next week.
  • I am still here too. I sent out two today - CraftyLady you should be getting yours by middle of next week depending on whether the weather delays the delivery.
  • Barbszy, Thanks for the Cape May pc. It looks like a nice warm place to visit in the summer. I like the old fashioned style of it too.
  • Thank you to

    Jen for the postcards that came today...LOL I think you had way to much postage on there...I think it is around 80-90 cents to mail to Canada...Loved them...Yours went out late becuase of all the bad weather we have been having.....

    Thank you to Jackie for the great card too....

    Gotta love good mail days!!!

    Hugs debbie
  • I've had to look this up recently myself.

    Its 69 cents to mail a pc from U.S. to Canada.

    Its 90 cents from U.S. to Australia.
  • Hello, Ladies-
    If I were home in Louisiana, I would be all caught up in Mardi Gras! This is the "big" weekend, with everything ending on Tuesday. Oh, well...

    Happy Mardi Gras!!