Postcard Corner - 12

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  • madmum, if you don't receive my pc soon, I will send another. Maybe it got lost in the mail.
  • ok seleach, but hold off for a good week or so, it does seem to take quite some time to get here for some reason

    Looking forward to it
    Thank you
  • Thank you apricot for your lovely lighthouse pc,
    it arrived this morning
  • Madmum, You're welcome. I'm glad it got there safely.
  • I will be mailing out my pc's this week, Yeah!
  • Madmum thank you so much for the postcard that came in yesterdays children loved it

    hugs debbie
  • madmum, I'm going to put another pc in the mail. It has been 2 weeks since I sent it out.
  • Hi Ladies,

    I know I owe several of you a PC. Too many things going on in my life right now. I will have to back off from sending PC's right now and I hope you all understand. Please forgive me for not getting out the PC's I owe you.
  • Hi everyone.. just wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten anyone.. just been a little extra busy getting ready to re do some flooring in kitchen/dining are & carpet in living room. Hurt my back yesterday so not sitting at computer too long. I'll try to get some cards out this week.
  • Hope you are ok Minny ((hugs))

    I received your pc this morning seleach Thank you very much, it looks a lovely place with plenty going on

    Thank you