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  • HiAll!
    My 7 y/o daughter is looking for a e-mail pal also!
    Actually she's in need of someone,can be child or adult if they wish to!
    Let me explain a little,she's in 2nd grade,and they are starting to study the states this week,and they are going to be reading a book called Flat Stanley,about a boy who travels to different states,I guess as a vacation,so they are going to do a project called Flat Stanley,they are going to make him,out of Paper,Flat paper,and they are suppose to have someone to who they can send him to,preferrably another stae on vacation ,if you will,and that person he goes to is to keep track of what he does(example:
    he can go to local mall,local parks,backyard,neighborhood,etc)
    Teacher did state that with the economy now&price of gas,he doesn't have to be taken,by the person that has him on very long trips by vehicle,just a little project,He(Flat Stanley will have to be,either held by someone or taped onto things fro that person or person's to take some pictures of him,then each student will have a show&tell day at school,in their class to tell of his vacation,from notes that person writes about what he did there*show pictures,!I believe that he will be on vaction for 2-3 weeks,then he will need mailed back along with info.&pictures!

    So see she is in need for someone to do this project for her,we really don't have any relatives in other states ,weel there is 2 ,my
    hubby has a cousin in Florida,but she hasn't spoken to anyone in his side on family for a couple of years now,since she went to Florida,so she's kinda out.And I have a cousin inColorado,but she is an older lady&she workslike 24/7,that is her life,she does work continually to try to run away from her family problems!Which it doesn't work out-but none can tell her that,so I really don't think that she would even do it!

    So i'm on here at FC,pratcially begging for some help with this,I will pay money for person to do this,such as to get film or dispoable camera,whichever& even some gas money expensemas well as lage envelope&stamps for Flat Stanley's return home(I can send a check or cash to you in mail)just let me know!I do believe that her teacher has to know by tommorrowmarch 18th about the address to where he'll be going
    so she can get things started!Any kind of help with this will be greatly appreciated!!!!THANK-YOU! 4moms,from P.A.
  • 4moms
    I sent you a PM. We would love to help your daughter!

  • Whichever works Shawn, Cameron now has a few good buddies to write to so everyone else can chose if they want here or there to pursue a wonderful buddy for their child.
  • snail mail
    I am looking for snail mail for my seven years old son. He needs helping with his writing and he likes getting mail. He is seven years and have a special needs. Let me know if your child is interested.
  • bump
  • I have a 10 year old boy in the 5th grade who is looking for a pen pal. He thought he had one, but after sending a letter a few weeks ago, he got none in return. He would really enjoy exchanging letters. If anyone is interested, please let me know.

  • We do have a Postcard Swap set up for kids. Check out the information here: