Kids' Postcard Exchange~~Would you like to see it return to FC?

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  • here is another idea, we could have everyone , prestamped thier pc and send to one person in a envelope. that one person then send out the Pcs.
    that way everyone that send one in gets a Pc.
    and those that has more than one kid it won't cost them that much to send.
    Of course the one that is doing the leg work will have to be one that wouldn't mind doing this for everyone.
  • Hi - my children would love to join the exchange pls.
    Hi and I hope that I am not too late. I have two children one girl who is 9 and soon to be 10 next month, and a son who is 4 and will be 5 in April as well.



  • Welcome BoomBoomMom. We are still looking at some different ideas. The current rules state that you must have 75 or more posts in order to join. It is really easy to get that number so join in on some different topics and soon your posts will be up there for when a decision is made.
  • Robin, I think we can make an exception on BoomBoomMom--it's Lita from Hawaii....I think her name was LovedMom before and she had way more than 75 posts.
  • BoomBoomMom
    good to see you back with FC, I had thought of you many times and wonder how life had been treating you. So how has life been treating you... Still in Hawaii?

    Barbz thanks for bringing it to our attention this was lovemom for I would of never know..
  • Hi Ladies~
    This is the former LovedMom and I loved that name and still feel loved so that's good.

    Hi Barbszy, Robin and Bar_bar!!

    I did not want to explain who I was before as I did not think anyone would remember so I just wanted to get to the point which is finding out if I can get my kids to join the pc exchanging.

    I am willing to wait until I acquire 75 points if that is what is required. I know that I have only a few this time around, shucks!

    Anyhoo, to answer Bar_bar:
    I am doing well. We moved last year to a new home and have settled in quite a bit now. I should join something where I can write as this is the best time now for me to keep a penpal. And how does one join the SS club, maybe that will be something good for me to join. I will read the requirements then.

    Thanks for remembering me ladies.

    Hugs from Hawaii,

  • Lita how could we forget you.. neighbors that was causing you so much pain, LOL, really you were part of this family.

    after reading about the SS club if you have any questions pleae pm me or send me a email thru fc and I will answer them for you.
    Keep in mind each month you have a new person, and only 1 snail mail has to go out and then the rest is ecards per wk.
    It is alot of fun.
    Hope you will join...
  • Hi Lita! I do remember you. I am glad you now have a house and hopefully no neighbor problems.
  • Lol!
    Yes, I am that Lita that you speak of and I am so glad to be remembered even if it is for that experience with the neighbors, lol! I survived!

    Yay! And I would love to swap with both of you ladies (redcardinalbird and bar_bar) if you are interested.

    Bar_bar I will check the thread for the SS club again then and see what I need to do still.

    Thanks for the responses ladies.