Where is everyone buying their postcards?

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  • As long as the dimensions meet USPS specifications, you can mail anything as a postcard. I couldn't find the "official" minimum dimensions, but the standard postcard size (about 3 1/2 x 4 1/2) will mail just fine.

    I'd suggest using the Avery postcards as a backing, if nothing else, to give it a little "weight."

    You can use Elmers White Glue, or the stuff that scrapbookers use, or Aileen's tacky glue. All will work just fine. No need to laminate.

    I like some of the suggestions you have gotten! Check them all out.

  • there is also a package you can buy that is called Instant Postcard peel and stick back, they are 4x6 that you can put on the back of something that you want to make into a postcard

    I've also used the little cute fronts on greeting cards in the past as well as Avery postcard... just be careful what ever you are printing will go onto it and it turn the right way.

    with christmas coming up, if you have a cute card front that is neat and in GOOD condition you could make that into a postcard

    I've have not put the lines on the back of a card and they have gone thru fine as far as I've known

    I've got postcards from Walmarts, Truck Stops, Vistor Centers,
    Train stops or bus stops, Card shops....

    mmm, I not sure if I'm in the kids swaps section or the adult section in answering this question, but I think it would work for either one.
  • About laminating....I make the whole postcard that I made out with addy and all, then I laminate it and send...works everytime and no prob at Post Office.

    I send Pics also with the heavier paper for a backing.
  • Everyone has such great suggetions. I know I have picked up a couple of new ones.

    I found out from an article that I read that you can mail just about anything. It was telling how to mail a message in a bottle. You can apparently mail any round (no ridges) bottle.
  • My brother works in a post office. He said that as long as the card is no larger than 4" X 6" you can send it as a post card. He has sent me a plastic coke bottle with things inside it for one of my birthdays. The top had a free coke on it. It had a note and some sparkles inside it. I have never opened it. He has also sent me a ziplock bag that had a note and sparkles in it and the ziplock had tape across it to insure it did not open. I have not opened it either. This past year he sent me a little tiny note. When I asked him about it he laughed because I couldn't figure it out. He had sent a note to the postmaster here in town asking for them to send the note on to my house. I was no bigger than the stamp. He had written on it something like "Love from G"with my name and address. Come to find out it was suppose to be "just a little note". I still laugh when I think of that.
  • k9dixie, you have a very creative brother!!!

    Making your own postcards sounds like a lot of fun. I have a really good printer here and have never taken advantage of it. Guess I'd better learn to soon, or "Santa Claus" won't bring me another such cool gift

    One source where I have found postcards that wasn't mentioned yet is Cracker Barrel! They sell "local" postcards in their shops. In the one near me I can get cards with the capital of my state.
  • I stopped in a WalMart that is in another county and they had them for 25 each. Why our local WalMart felt the need to get rid of them is beyone me.

    I bought some plain index cards from the Dollar store. We glued 2 of them together and Andy decorated it with stickers. He had fun doing this.

    k9dixie, I would love to get something like that in the mail! Sounds like you and your brother are very close. That is so special!

  • Wow Crafteelady! What a great idea, I save all the cards I ever get from anyone! Hey Cyn thats a good one Huh?

    I have a few left from a long time ago that you just peel off the back and stick your photo on 4X6 I think and has a line down the middle, but if you can just attach cardstock (Zyron machine would work great there) and add a line that should work just as good.

    Great ideas ladies!!! So much talent not enough space on these boards!!!

  • Postcards are pretty scarce in our neck of the woods... Our closest Walmart which is about 20 miles from here does not sell them I have had good luck finding them at our State Parks(the gift shops), also in the "WelcomeCenter" of rest areas traveling between states, and Hallmark has a great selection most of the time